Are your electrics eco-friendly?

Are your electrics eco-friendly?

Going green means making changes in every area of our lives. We may not be able to rebuild our houses or buy a brand new car, but we can make small changes that add up to positive results: walking a bit more, using the right bins, or choosing less harmful products.

When you hire a contractor, think about the impact they’re having on the planet. While some don’t prioritise their green credentials, others make it a priority to cut back on waste and pollution. Many electrical contractors create a large amount of waste and fail to dispose of it properly.

Why think green?

Businesses are increasingly committed to reducing their impact on the planet. We’re seeing more eco-friendly products hit the shelves, and a sharper focus on reducing carbon emissions and decreasing amounts of waste.

With regards to electricity, there are now a number of products that are more environmentally friendly than their predecessors. As electricians, we have access to a range of products that can help reduce our environmental impact, as well as often saving money on your utility bills in the future.

What to look for

An environmentally friendly electrical company will be knowledgeable regarding the latest energy saving products. These include:

  • Low energy lighting options such as LED, halogen incandescent and compact fluorescent lamp bulbs. All are energy efficient, but suitable for different purposes and rooms
  • Energy efficient appliances such as cookers and freezers – and knowing how the energy rating system works, so you get the best appliance for your money
  • Motion sensors and smart technology that helps cut down on energy use
  • Appropriate disposal of old equipment in a responsible way, recycling as much as possible, and ensuring dangerous materials are not sent to landfill

If your electrician is competent, they’ll know how to install of this equipment using the right materials and resources, and without creating excess waste that cannot be recycled. Cabling is a good example; rather than having leftover materials that are discarded, we’ll repurpose them or recycle them elsewhere.

Talk to an eco-electrician

Energy efficiency has two main purposes. We all want to lower our impact on the planet, and we also want to ensure we save money at the same time. By working with the right electrical contractor, you can achieve both.

For information on electrical safety, eco-friendly options and energy saving equipment, talk to MD Bespoke Solutions. As well as being technically competent in all kinds of building and electrical work, the team use products that are as eco-friendly as possible. We also ensure that as little waste is produced as possible, and when we do throw things away, we do it in the right way. Unlike many London electricians, you won’t find us stuffing electrical waste into your household refuse.

Going green can be achieved in so many ways, and we all have a responsibility to make the right choices. Your electrician should be as eco-positive as you are when you need to maintain or upgrade your property.