House Extensions

How to know in what order to refurbish your home

Let your electrician organise your home refurbishmentWhen you’re planning a home renovation or refurbishment, it’s ideal to have the project managed by one contractor who can organise a team of sub-contractors. This way, you don’t have to worry about completing the process in the wrong order. Here’s a bit of guidance on the general shape a home refurbishment project should take. (more…)


Everything you need to know about wiring your loft conversion

Make sure your loft conversion wiring meets current regulations

Make sure your loft conversion wiring meets current regulations

A loft conversion is the perfect option if you want more space in your home, but don’t want to compromise your precious outdoor area or move into a bigger house. In fact, the growing popularity of the loft conversion is largely due to the rocketing costs of property in the UK. It’s a great way to add value to your home as, if you ever decide to move, potential buyers will expect to pay a higher price for the added space – especially if they can see that it has been expertly fitted with regulation-standard lighting, plumbing and electrical wiring.

Once your loft conversion has been built, you might be tempted to start thinking about what it’s going to look like. Before you do so, there is one important aspect you need to consider first: how to extend your electrical wiring so that it reaches the loft efficiently. Whether you intend to use the conversion as a bedroom, bathroom, office, lounge or living area, you’re going to need electricity for multiple devices – e.g. lights, smoke detectors, plug sockets, shaver points, TVs and computers – so it’s essential that it’s wired efficiently. (more…)


How Do I Get Electricity to My Garden Office?

Running electrical cables to your garden cabin is a job for the professionals

Running electrical cables to your garden cabin is a job for the professionals

Outbuildings and detached garages make fantastic offices, as they provide the peace and quiet you need to get on with your daily work. Our clients often approach us about renovating detached buildings for this purpose, or to give the kids their own space to play.

Whatever you plan to do with your garden building, you’ll need to get power to it, if only to have a light and a plug for a heat source. Depending on your home and the layout of your garden, this could be a very simple job, or it could be extremely expensive. To a degree, your success may depend on the goodwill of your neighbours, too.



Electricians in London Need to Think Green

Are your electrics eco-friendly?

Are your electrics eco-friendly?

Going green means making changes in every area of our lives. We may not be able to rebuild our houses or buy a brand new car, but we can make small changes that add up to positive results: walking a bit more, using the right bins, or choosing less harmful products.

When you hire a contractor, think about the impact they’re having on the planet. While some don’t prioritise their green credentials, others make it a priority to cut back on waste and pollution. Many electrical contractors create a large amount of waste and fail to dispose of it properly. (more…)


Let Your Electrician Manage Your House Extension

Let your electrician manage your extension

Let your electrician manage your extension

Getting your home extended can be a big upheaval and a major task. In terms of stress and disruption, it’s second only to moving house. However, as long as an extension is planned carefully and accurately, it can also be a great investment. It will add value to the price of your property, and is usually a vastly cheaper option than moving home to something larger, since a well-planned extension can transform the way you use existing space.

However, as with any construction work, the end result is only ever as good as the building contractor you’ve employed and the materials they use to do the job. For this reason, you need to be sure that the contract is carried out and managed by a reputable and professional organisation, and you need to trust them to keep things on schedule, too.

Taking on the project

There are lots of good reasons to extend a home. You might need a bigger kitchen, a bedroom for a new arrival, or space to accommodate interests and hobbies or even a loft conversion to give you much more space. You may have always fancied an orangery, or a games room, or a playroom for the kids. One classic reason for extension is a home office to accommodate a new business, since remote working is becoming more popular now we’re all online at home.

Get it right and the extension should make your home more attractive and pleasant to live in, giving prospective purchasers more space when it’s time to sell up and move on.

Find the right contractor

As with many home extensions, a majority of work is likely to be electrical; you’ll probably need new lights, sockets and heaters for a start. Not all construction companies are qualified to carry out this type of work. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to split the work over two companies, though, and there are plenty of reasons to keep everything with the same supplier: coordination, management and control are easier for a start.

When you keep things with one company, you’ll find it much easier to progress the project without having to micro-manage and ensure everyone’s doing their bit. That’s where we can help

Hire MD Bespoke Solutions

Our name says it all: we offer bespoke solutions. And for building work, that means managing projects and carrying out construction tasks alongside our electrical services – this includes our bonding and plastering services, heating and plumbing and even decorating too!. By employing us, you have a simplified and cost-effective ways to get the job done to a high standard.

Our building team is certified by the Federation of Master Builders and complies with all British building regulations and standards. As well as looking after the electrics, they will work with you to ensure an aesthetic and sympathetic design for the whole structure, internally and externally.

New materials will be blended and coordinated with the original, and all the necessary services will be matched.

Get the ball rolling

If you’re in the London area and you’re ready to kick off your extension project, contact us today for a detailed, no obligation quotation. We’ll manage the electrics, building and coordination to ensure the whole thing gets done without a hitch.

We have a number of recent projects that we have completed all over London including:-


Electrical Safety in a Kitchen Extension

Kitchen Extensions Require New and Certified Electrics

Kitchen Extensions Require New and Certified Electrics

When you’re planning to create a little more space in your kitchen, there are several things that you need to consider, including the safety of the existing electrics and any additional wiring you’re thinking of adding.

A kitchen extension is not like having a bedroom extension, loft conversion or conservatory fitted. Your kitchen is typically the most hazardous area within your home, as there is always the danger of fire from sources of heat such as an oven or a hob, and flooding from sinks, washing machines and dishwashers. Naturally, water and electricity do not tend to mix well, meaning that when it comes to electrical safety in your kitchen extension, you cannot treat the subject even remotely half-heartedly.

Planning Permission and Building Regulations

Before you can even consider electrical safety in your new kitchen extension, you may need to apply for planning permission. Check with your local council to ascertain if you do. You will definitely need to comply with Building Regulations. For anything but very minor changes, you’ll need to submit the full plans of your extension to your local authority building control department. This means thinking about the electrics early on and calling in the electrical experts in your area.

Electrical Installation Certificate

It is the duty of your builder to test ALL sockets and lighting circuits included within your new extension, even if they are existing circuits that have been extended. Your builder will need to supply you with an Electrical Installation Certificate to prove that full testing has been carried out, this will actually be supplied by the contracted electrician so make sure you request it if it has not been offered to you.

In addition to the Electrical Installation Certificate, your builder will need to register the work with the local authority building control department. This is where the Part P building regulations certificate comes in. Part P building regulations certificate came into effect in England and Wales at the start of January 2005, and compliance is a legal requirement for all work on fixed electrical installations.

Your electrician may need to install a Residual Current Device (RCD) if your existing sockets did not have RCD protection. An RCD is a device that switches off electricity automatically if there is a fault detected, and is designed to guard against fatal electric shocks and electrical fires. This is a level above the traditional protection provided by fuses and circuit breakers, and has been a legal requirement in England and Wales since 2008.

Checking Your Electrician

Typically, when you hire a builder to complete work on your house, you do not need to hire a separate electrician. The building company will often engage their own electrician. If that’s the case, check that the electrician is registered with one of the following organisations:

  • NICEIC – National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting
  • ELECSA – Electrical Self-Assessment
  • NAPIT – National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers

You should ask the builder to show you the electrician’s identity card as proof that they are registered. They must belong to one of the three organisations listed above – if they aren’t, their work is non-compliant, and you’re heading for a problem. Here at MD Bespoke Solutions we are proud to be registered with all three of the regulators listed above.

Stay Safe and Within the Law

Electrical regulations exist to keep homeowners safe so that any electrical work carried out on a kitchen extension is performed properly and within the law. It is up to the householder to make certain everything is as it should be – and a failure to adhere to the expected legal processes could result in a fine of up to £5,000. If you need someone to plan your kitchen electrics, speak to MD Bespoke Solutions today.