Installation of Access Control Panels

Full Access Control for Smart Homes

Electronic access control is a safe, reliable and efficient alternative (or accompaniment) to traditional door locks and keys, and is becoming an increasingly popular option for the development of new builds. The MD Bespoke Solutions team has installed access control for homes, businesses and commercial buildings across London and the South East, and can help you find the most secure, convenient and affordable system for your property.

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What is access control?

Access control is an electronic door-entry system that unlocks in response to the correct PIN being entered into the keypad, or token being swiped past the reader. Each person who is granted access to a property or certain area of a building is provided with the PIN or token, and can then get through all of the doors that are programmed into it – and are prevented from entering others. Once the door closes, it automatically locks to ensure security. The system is controlled digitally, so the owner can quickly and easily change the access rights.

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The system is already widely used in offices and commercial properties (many hotels now use digital keys, for example, and keypads are often used to block public access to restricted areas in hospitals and shops), but it also has many merits for homeowners. It is an ideal option for a new build with multiple flats inside, as each homeowner has their own PIN or token that will grant them easy access to the main building, communal areas and their own property, but will prevent them from accessing all of the other flats in the building. If that homeowner decides to sell, then just the PIN or coding of the token needs to be changed.

What are the benefits of access control for homeowners?

One of the biggest benefits of access control is that it makes your property highly secure, as it is often used in conjunction with high-performance locks and security doors. This means that you don’t need to actively think about locking your doors, which removes the risk of being targeted by opportunistic thieves or vandals.
Homeowners do not have to worry about losing or damaging their keys, and having to call out a locksmith. As the homeowner, if you forget your PIN, you can quickly and easily get it changed so that you can get back into the property. If you lose your token, then you can just get the old one blocked and have a new one provided, rather than needing to change the locks. This would be the same if the previous owner had forgotten to return their token.

Here at MD Bespoke Solutions, we can help you install access control and other security solutions that ensure your new build is fully compliant with safety regulations. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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