Emergency Lighting Systems For Homes & Offices

Preparing for fires and emergency vacuation.

In the event of a fire, the electrical supply can be affected so it is important that you have a back-up solution to help everyone get out of the building safely and quickly.

Don’t fall foul of the latest legal requirements and make sure the electrics in your property are safe

What is emergency lighting?

An emergency lighting system will operate after power outage. Typically this will last for 3 hours but it should provide sufficient time for everyone to vacate the premises.

There are several types of lighting system available:

  • Escape Route Lighting
  • Standby Lighting
  • High-Risk Area Lighting
  • Open Area Lighting

Each type has different applications and benefits and you should seek professional advice being installing any one of them.

As with all fire safety regulations, it is a legal requirement (The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005) that emergency lighting is in place so if you are concerned you do not meet this requirement, please call us urgently.

When do you test your emergency lighting?

Regularly testing, once a month, is required for all fire safety equipment and processes.  Additionally, an annual test must also be carried out. Both monthly and annual tests are done so in accordance with BS EN 50172 / BS 5266-8.

During a test, the mains power to the lighting system is shut off, either by using a specialist key or from the main consumer unit (fuse board).  A thorough, visual, inspection of the emergency lighting is then carried out.  Any signs of damage, dirt or obstruction should be addressed immediately.

As part of our fire risk assessment service, we will walk through the correct emergency lighting protocols with you.

Types of emergency lighting options

It is likely that you have seen emergency lighting but not actually looked at it in too much detail.

When looking at traditional lighting, escape route lighting, often referred to as Bulkhead Lighting, this would comprise of standard, low wattage, bulbs.  With advances in technology however, we are seeing a shift towards the use of LED lighting instead.  This offers many benefits including;

  • Low running costs
  • Increased brightness
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Directional lighting

If you are interested in upgrading your existing emergency lighting to use LED options then please get in touch today.

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Is your emergency lighting meeting legal requirements?

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