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Fire Risk Assessments are a legal requirement in the UK, governed by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, specifically for England. This law mandates all employers, landlords, and non-domestic premises owners to conduct Fire Risk Assessments. Non-compliance can lead to penalties, imprisonment, or even the closure of the premises.

Assessments aim to identify the necessary steps to minimise or eradicate fire risks, safeguarding individuals and property in the event of a fire. We can complete thorough inspections and propose safety improvements.

Our team specialises in Fire Risk Assessments for both residential and commercial properties. Our skilled and professional team consolidates all findings into a detailed written report. We ensure a thorough examination, precise recommendations, and comprehensive support for a safer environment.

Residential Common Areas
1-4 floors (incl. basement)
+ 1 stairwell
Max. of 6 flats
5-8 floors
+ 2 main stairwells
Max. of 16 flats
More than 8 floors / 16 flats Request quote
  • all prices are subject to VAT
  • Prices do not include mixed-use buildings – please contact for bespoke quote
Commercial Premises
Very small office (0-100m2) £249
Standard size office
(100-750m2 )
Large offices (750m2+) Request quote
  • all prices are subject to VAT
Care homes & HMOs
1-5 units £299
5-10 units £349
10-20 units £449
20+ units Request quote
  • all prices are subject to VAT

Why complete Fire Risk Assessments?

These evaluations are mandated for businesses and communal areas in residential flats in compliance with existing fire safety regulations. A written Fire Risk Assessment becomes obligatory when your workforce numbers five or more people.

A comprehensive assessment of fire risk in commercial settings is crucial for prioritising health and safety within any business or commercial premises. Alongside legal requirements, this evaluation protects personnel and property from potential fire hazards over time. Taking proactive steps to prevent fires and ensure people’s safety is far preferable to dealing with the aftermath of a workplace fire.

These legal requirements apply to various non-domestic properties, including public and commercial spaces such as schools, licensed premises, care facilities, offices, warehouses, nursing homes, factories, shops, sheltered housing and communal areas within blocks of flats and houses with multiple occupants (HMOs), and other properties with sleeping facilities, like hotels.

What does a Fire Risk Assessment encompass?

Typically, a Fire Risk Assessment encompasses communal areas of a building accessible to all occupants, like entrance halls and stairwells. This assessment also examines the ‘general fire precautions’ in these shared spaces. These include:

  • Identification of fire hazards: It is crucial to locate potential sources of ignition, fuel, and oxygen, which could range from electrical appliances to smoking materials, paper, textiles, and flammable liquids, along with air and oxidising agents.

  • Identification of individuals at risk: It is essential to identify those who might be vulnerable in case of a fire, giving particular attention to groups such as the elderly, children, or individuals with disabilities.

  • Risk evaluation: It is essential to assess the likelihood of fire occurrence and its potential impact on at-risk individuals. This includes reviewing existing fire safety measures, determining their adequacy, and identifying any necessary additional precautions.

  • Documentation: Maintaining thorough records of identified hazards, at-risk individuals, and risk management measures is essential for legal compliance.

  • Emergency plan development: Crafting a clear and concise emergency plan based on assessment findings is crucial to ensure fast and effective action in the event of a fire.

  • Training and communication: All occupants should be informed about fire risks, acquainted with the emergency plan, and trained on appropriate actions to take during a fire.

  • Review and update: It is vital to maintain the assessment’s relevance and effectiveness by regularly revisiting and updating it to reflect changes in the environment, activities, or occupancy patterns.

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