Fire Doors Installed in Homes & Offices

Fire doors offer added safety in the event of a fire.

Fire-safe doors can provide valuable additional minutes to allow you evacuate a building safely.  Does your home or office need a fire door review?

Don’t fall foul of the latest legal requirements and make sure the electrics in your property are safe

Why have fire doors?

Most doors in homes and offices are made of wood.  The quality of structure varies greatly and as such, the fire retarding quality differs too.  From years of fire investigations, it is clear that standard doors do not offer any real barrier once a fire gets going.  The introduction of a fire door however really can save lives.

Fire doors are rated in time values, each referencing the additional length of time expected before the door is breached by fire.  From 30 minutes to over 1 hour, you should choose the best duration for your available budget. It is also worth considering the placement of the door too, for example, using a 1 hour rated door on bedrooms would be sensible as we may need more time to evacuate if a fire occurs whilst sleeping.

Do you need to check fire doors?

Yes!  As with all other fire safety checks, fire doors should be checked on a regular basis. There are key components that should be checked:

  • Smoke seals. These should be checked to see if any damage has occurred and these should never be painted over
  • Does the door close cleanly.  Fire doors should close automatically so if a door fails to do so, these needs to be rectified.
  • Check for visible damage. Any damage can compromise the integrity of the door and reduce the amount of time it is intended to hold back a fire.
  • Check for gaps. A gap of less than 4mm at the top of the door and 8mm at the bottom.

Our fire risk officers can carry out fire door checks as part of our Fire Risk Assessment service.  Call us today to book your visit.

Are fire doors legally required?

For flats that have communal areas fire doors are legally required and it is the responsibility of the person in charge of the building to ensure they are installed and maintained.

Do not try and install a fire door yourself, whilst it may appear to be the same as a standard door, you need to follow fire safety checks to ensure it complies with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety)

If you have old fire doors, they will still offer added protection but with modern doors, additional protection is available and can offer increased safety.

If you have any concerns about the safety of your building then please get in touch with us immediately.

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