Fire Safety & Escape Routes For Homes & Offices

Is your building safe?

Did you know that it is a legal requirement that, as an employer, you MUST identify all hazards, carry out risk-assessments and have safety measures in place?

Don’t fall foul of the latest legal requirements and make sure the electrics in your property are safe

Do you have clear emergency signage in your offices?

Ensuring clear and well-maintained emergency signage is so important in keeping a safe work-place.  Under Section 19 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, every employer must identify hazards, assess risks and have a written risk assessment, including any unusual or other risks.

Do you have suitable emergency lighting and fire extinguishers available?

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Clearly marked escape routes

In the event of a fire, would you, your staff or visitors, be able to exit the building quickly and safely?  It may be difficult to answer this question as most people can’t imagine how the event of a fire can affect how we react.  With smoke restricting vision and the added fear of the fire itself, our ability to act rationally is often challenged.

It is crucial that signage is clear and regularly maintained to keep within the regulated guidelines.

It may be necessary to an additional exit installed if you have a large premises to allow for staff to vacate the building and avoid crossing any dangerous areas.

Do you have evacuation measures in place?

It isn’t enough to simply install escape route signs and emergency lighting, you need to have a proper plan of how to effectively evacuate the building in case of emergency.

A fire risk assessment will help identify any ‘pinch-points’ of your building and will allow you to plan to avoid any risky routes. This is particularly effective when considering anyone with disabilities that may need additional assistance to evacuate.

Regular fire drills not only help the staff gain confidence in how to safely leave the building but it also helps identify any new obstacles that may have been created. For example, has there been any office layout changes, or perhaps there are plants that have grown that could possibly obscure signage. It is better to find out in a drill than the real event!

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Are you confident your fire evacuation measures are suitable?

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