Ensure your electrics are safe at all times

Ensure your electrics are safe at all times

Electrical safety is a critical issue for everyone, and whether you own a home or rent, you need to be able to spot problems. Not everyone is technically minded, but basic knowledge will go a long way.

It’s impossible to cover everything in one blog post, but here are our top tips.

Electrics around the home

When you hire an electrician, always make sure that they are NICEIC registered. NICEIC checks the competency of electricians, and it can step in to have work put right if it’s not completed to the required standard.

If you notice a fault with an appliance, a burning smell, brown scorch marks, smoke or cracks, you really need a competent electrician. The only jobs that are really suitable for DIY are new sockets or light switches, providing you are comfortable doing that yourself.

Finally, try to avoid running too many four-way extension leads around the house. These are only really designed for occasional use, and should not be hung on walls in the place of sockets. If you need more power sockets, it might be a sign of a bigger issue in your home, such as old-fashioned wiring. You’re better off getting an electrician to rewire your home, rather than running extensions to bodge a solution.

Out and about

Electrical safety is also important when you’re not using your home. If you’re leaving for a weekend break, or a family holiday, check that everything is turned off before you leave.

That means turning the cooker off at the wall, unplugging the TV, and ensuring nobody’s left their hair straighteners switched on. This will save you money, but it’ll also decrease the chance of a fire starting while you’re away.

The only thing that should be left on are lights on timer switches, and possibly your internet router, if you’re using an IP CCTV system to keep an eye on the house.

Little ones at home

Teaching children not to play with sockets is extremely important. Many families choose to fit socket covers over plugs, but there are conflicting opinions about this. Some organisations believe socket covers are more dangerous than leaving the socket open, while many children’s centres and schools think they are safe.

Whatever you decide to do with the sockets, teach your children to switch off each plug using the switch, particularly if they are plugging and unplugging chargers. Make sure they know not to use switches with wet hands, and teach them not to pull plugs out using the cord.

If you don’t have RCD protection on your consumer unit, and you have little ones running around the house, we recommend that you invest in an upgrade so that they are less likely to experience an electric shock.

Affordable electricians in London

MD Bespoke Solutions is here to help you ensure your home is safe and legal. Our team of NICEIC registered electricians offer affordable help and repairs. If you have any concerns about the electrics in your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call.