Planning for a full house or flat rewiring in London

Planning for a full house or flat rewiring in London

Rewiring a house is no small job, but it’s something you’ll have to do if you own an older property. Old wiring can be unsafe, and can cause fires, so don’t put the job off longer than you have to. We recommend that every home is rewired every 20-30 years.

Unfortunately, rewiring a house can also be expensive, not just because of the electrical work. If you plan properly, you can avoid creating knock-on costs that could dent your budget even further.

Choosing an electrician in London and Surrey

Rewiring is a very big job, and it should future-proof your home for most of your adult life. Don’t just pluck a number from a Facebook post; do some research on the contractor you hire. You need to find someone who’s thorough enough to comply with regulations, and experienced enough to be able to anticipate potential problems, or opportunities for cost savings.

You should aim to get three quotes from certified electricians in person, rather than settling for a quote over the phone. Make sure they’re planning ahead, and quoting you for a rewire that will last. We’re all using more electrical gadgets, so you should be looking to increase your sockets, and build in new technologies (like USB sockets or connected switches) where it’s sensible to do so.

Preparing for the rewire

Before you start a house rewiring project, make sure you have a clear plan. Present your ideas to your certified electrician, and have a discussion about what you want to achieve. Electricians have certain regulations to work to, and they’ll help you to look at the bigger picture so that you don’t have to spend more later.

If you want plugs and lights to be moved, draw a basic diagram of the room and mark the new locations. Alternatively, write a list of all the appliances and equipment you want to use in each room. Remember: you might only have a few devices in the house now, but in the future, your kids are likely to have their own tablets, phones and computers. Make sure you’ve taken this into account.

Everyone should agree on the rewire requirements before you move on to implementing your plan. That includes a commitment to a capped budget, so you know exactly what you’re getting or your money, and you can stop costs spiralling out of control.

On the day

As with any home improvement works, access is critical. Leave space on your drive for our vehicle, and move furniture into the middle of the room so we can get to all of the walls.

Think ahead, and get some rubble sacks for the inevitable debris and waste. Pull carpets back, if you can. It’s also sensible to move your pets out for the day, or We always aim to be tidy, but the more prepared you are, the less of a disruption the mess will be. We will dispose of your old wires and fuse boards and recycle whatever we can, so don’t worry about having to get rid of waste once the rewire is complete.

Talk to us

In any house rewire, the first step is finding a competent, certified electrician. If you’re in the London area, don’t hesitate to contact MD Bespoke Solutions for a chat about the next steps.