What does a first fix & a second fix mean?

What does a first fix & a second fix mean?

We live in an age where the demand for power is ever increasing. Our electronic devices have become essential to our day-to-day living, and generally require plugging in – even if only for short periods of time.

To meet that demand for electricity, we need to ensure the wiring that provides our home with energy is in good condition. At best, poor wiring will cause you to lose power – at worst, faulty wires can be a potential fire hazard and could even lead to serious injury.

If you’ve just bought a property or you’re looking to refurbish your current one, it may be time to think about rewiring and ensuring the system you have in place is safe for you and your family. Rewiring a home typically involves a ‘first fix’ and a ‘second fix’. To help you understand the difference between the two, we’ve broken them down for you here.

What is the first fix?

First fix electrical work is about preparation. It deals with the skeleton of the wiring, which will largely be hidden by the time the work is complete. Cables and wiring will be installed at this stage and new back boxes may need to be fitted – this work will likely need to be done without furniture or carpets in the way.
At the first fix stage you need to think about what you want where. Discuss where you want your lights and plug sockets with your electrician well in advance, in order to avoid any time-consuming (and potentially costly) changes when the job is part done.

What is the second fix?

At this point, plastering work will be completed and everything will be made to look nice again. Sockets, switch plates, the consumer unit and light fittings will be installed, and the wiring of electric cookers or showers will also be completed.

A full rewire of your home can take from five to ten days – it all depends on the size of the job. Given how essential good wiring is to your safety, it’s important to get the work done (and done properly) than wait until something goes really wrong.

Whether you’re based in Hoxton or Highgate, Kent or Notting Hill, MD Bespoke Solutions can help with every stage of your rewire. Our highly skilled team will be able to talk to you about your needs and offer honest advice about how long a job will take and how much it will cost. To find out more, get in touch.