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Office Lighting in London

Office lighting installation in London

Office lighting installation in London

If you want your staff to be productive and healthy – and naturally, every employer does – then you need to provide a safe environment that’s comfortable and pleasing. Your staff probably spend a huge amount of time in the office, in all seasons. Some may arrive before dawn breaks in winter, or leave in the dark at the end of the day.

Lighting the office appropriately is a key consideration for employers, and thankfully, the days of yellowing strip lights are behind us. When your staff have spent an hour commuting, they want to arrive at a well-lit office to commence the day.

If your office needs a better lighting solution, here are some points to remember. (more…)


Building Regulations and Electricians

Make sure your electrics are safe

Make sure your electrics are safe

As certified electricians, we have to comply with Part P of Schedule 1 of the Building Regulations. This is a document that sets out the minimum required standards for the design and construction of buildings. (If you’re interested in reading the exact electrical safety rules that we work to, you can download Part P here.)

Building Regulations exist to make home improvements cheaper, safer and faster. They ensure that all homes have a basic standard of safety, and also set out energy efficiency requirements that help to collectively lower our energy use.



Why Do I Need a Certified Electrician?

Get a qualified electrician for all your electrical work

Get a qualified electrician for all your electrical work

Over the last five years, we’ve seen household incomes destabilise after a dip in property prices. If you sold your house in 2009, you’ll be all too aware of the movements of the housing market. Uncertainty has forced many people to stay put and improve their homes.

When money is tight, and credit more limited, people tend to turn to DIY more often. While this is a sensible move for the smaller jobs round the house, there are some jobs that amateurs shouldn’t attempt.

Think Safety

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of safety in DIY, and electrical work presents some of the most immediate risks. There are three reasons why mistakes wreak havoc: (more…)


5 Warning Signs That Your Electrics are Killing You

5 Warning Signs That Your Electrics are Killing You

5 Warning Signs That Your Electrics are Killing You

Turning on a light switch, or plugging in an iron, are things we take for granted. Electricity is always there, if we’re fortunate enough to live in a warm, powered home. It’s easy to forget that electricity can be lethal; strong enough to cause injury, fire or death.

Every year in the UK there are 70 deaths and 350,000 serious injuries due to electrical faults. Electricity causes over 20,000 fires annually. With the number of electrical items in the home constantly on the rise, it’s vital to know the warning signs that you could have electrics which could kill you. (more…)


Finding the Right Electrician in London


Looking for a professional electrician in London?

Wherever you live, finding the right electrician to carry out your work at home, or in the office, can be a veritable nightmare. Unless they come highly recommended by a previous client, you have no idea whether they will be competent, professional or even competitively priced. By the time you have spent hours trawling the internet, coming up with a shortlist and then getting three comparative quotes, you will be feeling understandably frustrated.

Hiring an electrician in a massive city like London can wind up being a headache that we can all do without. So how do you get the right person first time? And how do you avoid the cowboys?

Finding an electrician in London

If you live in the London area, you have literally hundreds – if not thousands – of electricians to choose from. You should be looking for NICEIC Approved Contractors from the off. The NICEIC accreditation means that you’ll already have peace of mind, knowing that they are fully qualified, and have been recognised as providers of safe electrical services.

NICEIC contractors may cover full electrical installations, re-wiring projects, safety checks for older properties, upgrades to homes and business premises and even alarm installations. We don’t recommend hiring anyone who doesn’t show you a valid membership certificate.

The full electrical rewiring package

Whether you have already been through the experience of having work carried out on your home, or this is your first experience, you might be aware that if building work has to be carried out at the same time, it can be a relative nightmare to coordinate the two.

Look for a full building-works package to supplement all of your electrical projects. If you have taken on a home that requires a full refurbishment, or your existing house rewiring needs to be upgraded for the 21st century, try to find competent tradesmen that can turn their hand to other jobs: plastering, heating and plumbing, house extensions, loft conversions, and even painting and decorating to finish off the contract.

If you do this, you’ll get the job done faster, more cohesively, and with fewer risks of delay. After all, if you just have one company travelling across London to help you, you’ll cut back on delays and inefficiency.

Forget your worries

Electrical design and installation work can be complex, time consuming and expensive. That is why you need to get it right first time by choosing a company that you know will carry out the work to a high level finish and at a competitive and affordable price for the London area.

Why run the risk of taking on unregistered or unprofessional tradespeople that have not been rated or recommended? To do so can result in unfinished projects, major losses of time and money and even dangerous safety issues being left unresolved and incomplete.

Make the right choice now. Place your contract with MD Bespoke Solutions to get it right first time. There’s just no need to risk hiring a cowboy electrician in the London area when we have attentive, friendly and experienced staff ready and waiting to help.

Contact us today for more information

We have recently completed a number of projects in London including:-

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Let Your Electrician Manage Your House Extension

Let your electrician manage your extension

Let your electrician manage your extension

Getting your home extended can be a big upheaval and a major task. In terms of stress and disruption, it’s second only to moving house. However, as long as an extension is planned carefully and accurately, it can also be a great investment. It will add value to the price of your property, and is usually a vastly cheaper option than moving home to something larger, since a well-planned extension can transform the way you use existing space.

However, as with any construction work, the end result is only ever as good as the building contractor you’ve employed and the materials they use to do the job. For this reason, you need to be sure that the contract is carried out and managed by a reputable and professional organisation, and you need to trust them to keep things on schedule, too.

Taking on the project

There are lots of good reasons to extend a home. You might need a bigger kitchen, a bedroom for a new arrival, or space to accommodate interests and hobbies or even a loft conversion to give you much more space. You may have always fancied an orangery, or a games room, or a playroom for the kids. One classic reason for extension is a home office to accommodate a new business, since remote working is becoming more popular now we’re all online at home.

Get it right and the extension should make your home more attractive and pleasant to live in, giving prospective purchasers more space when it’s time to sell up and move on.

Find the right contractor

As with many home extensions, a majority of work is likely to be electrical; you’ll probably need new lights, sockets and heaters for a start. Not all construction companies are qualified to carry out this type of work. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to split the work over two companies, though, and there are plenty of reasons to keep everything with the same supplier: coordination, management and control are easier for a start.

When you keep things with one company, you’ll find it much easier to progress the project without having to micro-manage and ensure everyone’s doing their bit. That’s where we can help

Hire MD Bespoke Solutions

Our name says it all: we offer bespoke solutions. And for building work, that means managing projects and carrying out construction tasks alongside our electrical services – this includes our bonding and plastering services, heating and plumbing and even decorating too!. By employing us, you have a simplified and cost-effective ways to get the job done to a high standard.

Our building team is certified by the Federation of Master Builders and complies with all British building regulations and standards. As well as looking after the electrics, they will work with you to ensure an aesthetic and sympathetic design for the whole structure, internally and externally.

New materials will be blended and coordinated with the original, and all the necessary services will be matched.

Get the ball rolling

If you’re in the London area and you’re ready to kick off your extension project, contact us today for a detailed, no obligation quotation. We’ll manage the electrics, building and coordination to ensure the whole thing gets done without a hitch.

We have a number of recent projects that we have completed all over London including:-


How to Light an Office While Saving Energy

Be energy efficient in your office

Be energy efficient in your office

According to the Carbon Trust, businesses spend up to 40 per cent of our electricity bill on lighting. No matter what time of year it is, or what the weather’s like outside, chances are your office lights are always on. In order to work comfortably without eye strain, it’s normally sensible to keep the workplace illuminated whenever staff are present. With old-fashioned and inefficient lighting, this can lead to very expensive energy bills.

With modern technology and expert advice, you can light your office without breaking the bank, and there are also grants for being energy efficient. Businesses are also required to reduce energy use by law, so it pays to bear this in mind and get your usage down now.

Here are some ideas.

Replace Fluorescent Tubes

Old-fashioned fluorescent tubes are horribly inefficient. When the bulb starts to flicker and die, don’t order in a new one. Contact us to enquire about energy-saving replacements that give a better viewing angle and quality of light, as well as saving you money.

We highly recommend LED fluorescent tubes in T5 or T8 sizes, as these cut the energy used by half. LED tubes last as long as 5 years before they need to be replaced.


Businesses are starting to phase in electronic sensors that dim or switch off lights automatically, either when the room is unoccupied, or when the sun is shining brightly.

Restrooms and cloakrooms are perfect settings for movement sensors, while light sensors are ideal for work areas where people are too buy to switch lights on and off. Sensors quickly pay for themselves, so don’t be afraid to upgrade.


If you have old lamps plugged in around the building, they could be using huge amounts of power and even causing a fire hazard. Old equipment rarely functions at its best. Let MD Bespoke carry out a full audit of your electrical system, replacing old bulbs with LED ones.

As we improve and modernise your lighting, we can check that other equipment is functioning correctly. Any bulbs we remove will be correctly and responsibly recycled.

Culture change

If you’re on an energy-efficiency drive at work, it’s worth involving staff and making them aware. Get people into the habit of switching lights off at the end of the day, and ask them to reduce the amount of artificial light in summer. Incentivise them to report any problems, like dirty windows, that could be hindering the amount of sunlight your office gets.

If you have lights on the desk, ask staff to surrender them and rely on ceiling lights where possible. Anyone who really needs a lamp for close work can be supplied with an LED alternative.

Call the Experts

MD Bespoke Solutions employs an expert team who have years of experience in electrical maintenance and safety. All staff are up to date on modern energy efficiency requirements, and we stock all the latest kit. For safe, affordable and effective lighting in the workplace, give us a call today.


Hired A Cowboy Electrician? Here’s How to Check the Reviews

Beware of cowboy electricians in London

Beware of cowboy electricians in London

If you’ve recently had some work done in your home, such as electrical rewiring, you should now be enjoying a safer and more modern electrical system. If you’ve noticed the low quality of the completed job – or the fact the job hasn’t been finished – you may have fallen victim to a cowboy trader.

With the availability of names and details of companies online, it’s easy to find a list of businesses to carry out specialist work such as rewiring or the upgrading of your consumer unit.

But unless you scratch the veneer of a great looking website and find some reviews and accreditations, you really don’t know who you’re dealing with.

Even more important, remember this: not all reviews are real. Some rogue traders will post 5 star reviews of themselves under false names under the guise of being a satisfied customer. They may also trawl directory sites to boost their scores.

What to look for in a review

Many cowboy traders will give glowing reports of their own work but the chances are they are fake reviews left to try to improve their reputation. There are many review sites available on the web where you’ll find honest appraisals, and a healthy dose of skepticism will help you weed out the fakes.

Always use recognised review sites such as On these sites, local authorities and Trading Standards work with the provider to ensure impartial reviews are always published. The company interviews, background checks and continually reviews all members. Every member has to agree to the feedback – both positive and negative – so providing true picture of the level of quality of workmanship they can expect.

There are also case studies on company sites, as well as customer feedback on the websites of the companies themselves. Make sure these are accredited to a real person, ideally with a link, and ignore any that are not credited to specific, named individuals.

What to do after you’ve read the reviews

After asking friends and family for referrals, take on board the reviews from a trusted site such as Check A Trade. After that, talk to the companies.

Ring each one and ask them about testimonials and case studies of similar work they have carried out. The companies that are professional will share customer feedback, or point you to case studies and real world examples.

Also, take the opportunity whilst on the phone to get a general feel of how committed they would be to the work you need carrying out, if they sound experienced in their work and whether you feel you could develop a good client-business relationship with their team. It’s sensible to mention your deadline at this point.

Once you have made the initial contact and made the decision who you want to work with, get that crucial quote in writing so you have something to fall back on. Get them to agree to a completion date: you don’t want this work dragging on until next Christmas.

Work with an expert

MD Bespoke Solutions is more than happy to give details of happy customers, and has numerous case studies on the website. We can show you details of a complete rewire following water damage, or the installation of a custom lighting system.

If you’ve had the stressful experience of hiring a cowboy and need someone to sort out the mess, call us today. We’ll offer immediate advice and information before visiting to start work – contact us today.




Convert your home to LED lighting and save money

LED Lighting Options

LED Lighting Options

LED lighting for residential homes remains a largely under-used technology. People seem to think that LED lighting can never adequately replace traditional lighting, as it simply isn’t strong or bright enough. Fortunately, recent advances mean that LED lighting can easily replace other lighting technologies, and LED is a lot cheaper to use than fluorescent or incandescent lighting.

If you’re very much in the dark when it comes to LED lighting, allow us to shed a light on the topic.

Isn’t LED lighting weak?

Tiny LED bulbs look like they couldn’t light up a room, yet manufacturers have come up with ways to amplify their power. By using clusters of lights, and reflective surfaces, LEDs can easily replace ordinary bulbs – and even mimic floodlights.

You can even choose the “warmth” of your light, so your lighting mimics candle light, fluorescent tubes or old-fashioned bulbs. LEDs can also produce coloured light and effects to give any room a special ambience.

Other bulbs given off heat as well, but LED doesn’t. Won’t I have to pay more to heat my home?

While it’s true that old style bulbs do give off heat, their actual contribution to heating a room (especially large ones) is minimal.

I switched to energy-saving bulbs, but they’re not very good when controlled by a dimmer switch. Are LED lights the same?

No, LED lights can easily be dimmed if you buy the right kind of bulb. Some LED bulbs even come with an in-built dimmer switch. One thing to bear in mind though is that your usual dimmer switch will probably need replacing. For a simple solution, invest in LED lights that come with a remote control.

Range of colours for LED lighting

Range of colours for LED lighting

Do I need to replace my entire house lighting system all in one go to install LED lights?

Not necessarily. It is recommended to go the whole hog and completely replace your lighting system instead of mixing and matching, and you will certainly save the most money by doing it that way. It would be advised to consider this if you’re undertaking a complete house rewire project though as the costs could be cheaper if things are done together. However, it’s worth replacing a couple and seeing what colour light you prefer before you buy dozens of bulbs for the whole house.

Contact us today for more information about LED lighting options.


How to Light an Office While Saving Energy

Poor office lighting can be expensive to run

Poor office lighting can be expensive to run

Modern businesses want to go green and save energy, yet often, office buildings are lit up well into the small hours of the morning. Despite our best efforts, it’s difficult to break old habits, and the last one out doesn’t always switch off the lights like they’re supposed to.

Energy-efficient lighting systems will help any company successfully lower its energy bills, regardless of how long the lighting is switched on. The more money that is saved, the more cash there is that’s available to be channelled into other areas of the business, so it’s good news for profitability too.

Here are some energy-saving tips that your company might like to consider when thinking about lighting your office.

Take advantage of natural light

Most offices are lit during the day so people can see what they are doing, yet the sun’s light is available from dawn until dusk, and doesn’t cost a bean.

You can save energy by taking as much advantage of natural light as you can. Remove trees or bushes that are close to windows that may reduce your building’s exposure to sunlight. Have the windows cleaned regularly, and have old-fashioned tinted glass removed.

Arrange for a lighting audit

There are many different kinds of energy-saving lighting systems available – so many that it can be difficult to decide which are the best options for your particular building. MD Bespoke can make custom recommendations with no obligation to buy, so book us in for a site visit.

Our contractors will assess your current office lighting and ascertain how much light your employees need to be able to perform their tasks adequately. We will look at a range of solutions, repurposing existing equipment and making recommendations for new lights or changes to the positioning of the lights you have.

Install an energy-efficient lighting system

Most office lighting is achieved by using fluorescent tube lighting, which was fine as an energy-efficient solution in the past, but now has been completely overtaken by other solutions that are considerably more cost-effective. Any standard incandescent lights you may be using definitely need to be replaced.

The exact recommendation varies; what’s right for an atmospheric restaurant will clearly not work for an office. In general, though, we recommend replacing as many bulbs as possible with LEDs to save money. LEDs can be purchased in practically any colour, and with any fitting. There are even LED replacements for fluorescent tubes and halogen down lighters.

You can also install occupancy sensors in rooms that are not in continual use, such as bathrooms and conference rooms. This is a really effective way to ensure that lights are not left on overnight.

Why switch?

Saving energy is important, as is reducing your company’s carbon footprint. Happily, both these factors go hand in hand. When you save energy, you naturally decrease the amount of carbon you release into the atmosphere.

MD Bespoke Solutions will assess your lighting and recommend ways to save money. It could be the best investment you make this year.