Do not attempt to change your own consumer unit

Do not attempt to change your own consumer unit

Many of us like to think of ourselves as expert ‘DIYers’, but when it comes to electricity, anything above wiring a plug or fitting a new dimmer switch really ought to be left to an electrician. Electricity can be very dangerous if not treated with respect, and can even kill.

If you’re still not convinced, here are five reasons why you need to hire a qualified electrician if you require electrical work undertaking.

It’s safer

As hinted in the introduction, electricity can be deadly if not treated with respect. In addition to the danger of death, electricity has the power to generate immense levels of heat in an instant, leading to burns that in turn can lead to nasty, permanent scarring. What on the surface seems a simple electrical job can actually be both complicated and dangerous.

Poorly conducted electrical work can also lead to the potential for future problems, such as electrical fires. Be sensible: hire a qualified electrician instead of putting yourself at risk.

It’s cost effective

It’s tempting to tackle jobs yourself or to use the offered services of a friend if you want to save money, but more often than not tackling jobs yourself or via a buddy ends up costing more. Electricians are trained in the best techniques to undertake electrical work that means they’re efficient, safe and quick. This makes them more cost effective than a cowboy.

It’s legal

Did you know that if you do undertake your own electrical work, you could be breaking the law? It’s legal to undertake any kind of electrical work in your own home, especially if you’re extending your home, but many jobs above simple tasks need to comply with BS7671 wiring regulations and Part P building controls. If they don’t, then you could be in trouble.

Any qualified electrician is automatically certified to provide work that is in accordance with BS7671 and Part P, so by hiring a qualified electrician, compliance is something you don’t have to worry about.

It’s efficient

Do you know the best way to tackle any electrical job? Or would you just do the bare minimum to get by? If the job you do is largely ineffective, then you may be inviting complications further on down the line, or creating more serious problems. A qualified electrician will save you the hassle of hiring someone to fix your mistakes.

It gives you peace of mind

A huge percentage of house fires in the UK start because of electrical faults. If you do undertake your own electrical repairs, how confident are you that you did a good-enough job? Has your repair put your home and your loved ones at risk?

By using the services of a qualified electrician you can rest easy knowing that your electrical fault was fixed by someone whom truly knew what they were doing, and not someone who was guessing and hoping for the best.

Affordable help

MD Bespoke Solutions offers affordable support for any electrical work in the hope. Call us today to arrange a no-obligation quote from a qualified electrician. It might be cheaper than you expect.