LED Lighting Options

LED Lighting Options

LED lighting for residential homes remains a largely under-used technology. People seem to think that LED lighting can never adequately replace traditional lighting, as it simply isn’t strong or bright enough. Fortunately, recent advances mean that LED lighting can easily replace other lighting technologies, and LED is a lot cheaper to use than fluorescent or incandescent lighting.

If you’re very much in the dark when it comes to LED lighting, allow us to shed a light on the topic.

Isn’t LED lighting weak?

Tiny LED bulbs look like they couldn’t light up a room, yet manufacturers have come up with ways to amplify their power. By using clusters of lights, and reflective surfaces, LEDs can easily replace ordinary bulbs – and even mimic floodlights.

You can even choose the “warmth” of your light, so your lighting mimics candle light, fluorescent tubes or old-fashioned bulbs. LEDs can also produce coloured light and effects to give any room a special ambience.

Other bulbs given off heat as well, but LED doesn’t. Won’t I have to pay more to heat my home?

While it’s true that old style bulbs do give off heat, their actual contribution to heating a room (especially large ones) is minimal.

I switched to energy-saving bulbs, but they’re not very good when controlled by a dimmer switch. Are LED lights the same?

No, LED lights can easily be dimmed if you buy the right kind of bulb. Some LED bulbs even come with an in-built dimmer switch. One thing to bear in mind though is that your usual dimmer switch will probably need replacing. For a simple solution, invest in LED lights that come with a remote control.

Range of colours for LED lighting

Range of colours for LED lighting

Do I need to replace my entire house lighting system all in one go to install LED lights?

Not necessarily. It is recommended to go the whole hog and completely replace your lighting system instead of mixing and matching, and you will certainly save the most money by doing it that way. It would be advised to consider this if you’re undertaking a complete house rewire project though as the costs could be cheaper if things are done together. However, it’s worth replacing a couple and seeing what colour light you prefer before you buy dozens of bulbs for the whole house.

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