The technology we keep within our homes (and, indeed, the electrical systems that power our homes!) is smarter and more complex than ever before. The rise of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) has resulted in ordinary household appliances being turned into futuristic, connected gadgets that streamline our day-to-day lives. We can instantly order essentials like washing powder and dishwasher tablets by pushing a button on our washing machines and dishwashers; we can turn on our heating as we’re travelling home from work; and, with appliances like Firebox’s Smarter Coffee, we can even automate our coffee machine from our smartphone!

Electricians, then, need to stay ahead of the curve: as well as being able to rewire a house, wire a burglar alarm and fix a tripping tumble dryer, their remit should now cover all areas of smart-home technology, including how these can be integrated with existing systems, such as home security. In addition to this, there is more demand than ever for innovative electricians who can keep up with the fast pace of change in terms of new building regulations (what with the UK Government’s pledge to build one million homes by 2020).

The rise of smart homes

As a growing number of homeowners turn to smart-home technology (and, indeed, as new homes are built to incorporate it as standard), forward-thinking electricians are becoming experts in everything from customisable consumer units and data management solutions to home automation systems (designed to make lighting, music, energy, security and video systems easy to control around the home). Infrastructure and the internet are no longer two distinct entities, and, in this day and age, an electrician’s skillset should reflect that fact!

Increased regulations

As more and more new builds pop up across the UK, building regulations will continue to develop to ensure homeowners are getting the best deal in terms of things like security and energy efficiency. For example, there are now increased amounts of regulations around things like fitting smoke detectors and carrying out electrical work in ‘special locations’ (essentially, conducting circuit alterations or additions in the space round a bath or shower). As the domestic construction market grows in the UK, and an increasing number of homeowners expect some degree of smart technology within their homes, the demand for multi-skilled electricians is going to continue to boom.

The MD Bespoke Solutions team is constantly developing its expertise to stay ahead of the curve, so we can provide safe and reliable services for all areas of your home’s electrics. In fact, we can fully manage entire home renovation projects, including heating, plumbing, bonding, plastering, painting and decorating.
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