Smart homes can be better equipped for increased security

Smart homes can be better equipped for increased security

Picture this: you’re at work, the kids are at school, and you suddenly get the horrible feeling that you forgot to lock the door to the house. Your heart sinks. You’ve got an important business meeting to attend in 15 minutes, so it’s not possible to make it home in time to check. Then you remember that you can connect with your CCTV from your smartphone and quickly see that everything is in order. Great. You feel instantly relieved, and can now get back to focusing on your meeting. You have peace of mind that your home is secure.

Smart-home technology has revolutionised the way we think about home security (and all aspects of domestic life, for that matter). Rather than needing to be in the house to respond to security solutions (e.g. burglar or fire alarms), we can now monitor our homes remotely, or programme them to function accordingly in response to certain situations. Though basic security features (high-quality glazing and strong locks, etc.) are still essential, we can use smart-home technology to make it quicker, easier and more convenient to keep our homes safe.

Smart-home technology can be integrated with your security solutions

The best thing about creating a smart home is that it builds upon the existing features of your property. If you’ve got a CCTV system in place, for example, then you can install a smart-home solution that connects the camera with your smartphone via an app. You might programme it to automatically send you an alert (and notify the police) if it detects an intruder outside your home. Smart devices like Canary enable you to instantly access live HD footage from your home, and use the app to sound an alarm or alert the local authorities.

Smart locks are another great home-security option, as they remove the safety issues associated with losing or handing over keys (e.g. to a cleaner or guest). The lock is connected to your smartphone and can be operated via a PIN, fob or smartphone. You can unlock the door remotely, or set a PIN with an expiry time for one-off visitors. If an intruder tries to force entry, there’s a tamper alarm and ‘incorrect PIN’ setting to stop them.

Protecting your family from harm

Keeping your home safe is not just about stopping intruders, though: it’s also about preventing fires and ensuring your family’s health. That’s why the Canary system has a temperature and air-quality monitor – so that it can alert you to any unusual fluctuations. In the same vein, a smart thermostat can be integrated with a smart smoke detector (e.g. Nest) to ensure that your boiler shuts off if there is a fire. There are countless ways that smart homes can improve your security efforts, and they will continue to get smarter.

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