Domestic Fire Alarms – Why Should You Have One?

Domestic Fire Alarms – Why Should You Have One?

Be aware of the danger of fire and smoke in your home

Be aware of the danger of fire and smoke in your home

For many people, the installation of a domestic fire alarm is a prerequisite. But you’d be surprised how many people leave this to chance. It might seem strange, but fire alarms are sometimes seen as a potential annoyance.

Yes, smoke alarms have a reputation for emitting mysterious beeps when the batteries run low, but don’t let this taint your opinion of robust fire safety systems. In this article, we’ll look at some of the reasons to invest in one for your home.

Fire: Is It a Significant Risk?

Thankfully, domestic fires are relatively rare, but that’s no excuse for complacency. According to figures released by the UK government, Fire and Rescue Services are called to between 600,000 and 700,000 domestic fires per annum, and each year there are typically around 400 deaths from domestic blazes.

The rarity of fire means that we only see very bad house fires on the news from time to time, and that’s something to be thankful for. But there’s absolutely no reason to take the risk that it could happen to your family. A domestic fire alarm is a very affordable way to protect the people you love, your assets and your treasured possessions.

Smoke and Fire – Speedy Killers

How long do you think it takes for a small flame to become a major fire? By ‘major’, we mean a fire capable of destroying a home and putting the lives of those inside at risk.

Ten minutes? Five minutes?

How about thirty seconds?

Fire is voracious and will quickly devour anything that is remotely flammable, and of course smoke is deadly, as breathing in a smoke-filled environment is virtually impossible. Could you gather up your kids and your partner and get them out of the front door in time?

Once a fire has taken hold in your home, anyone inside will typically have around two to three minutes to vacate the premises before there is a real threat of death. The faster you are warned about a fire, the more chance there is that you and your loved ones will escape safely, which is why having a properly maintained domestic fire alarm is of paramount importance.

Early Detection

Sometimes a fire is small and can be contained if caught early. If an unattended pan has been set alight on the hob, or a piece of clothing has caught light due to its proximity to a heat source, you can sometimes put it out yourself if you’re there to see it happen. But small fires still make a mess and spoil your home, even if they’re not a threat to life.

Fire alarms are there to detect fire long before you do. The quicker you are alerted to a small fire, the more chance you have of containing it yourself using a fire blanket or extinguisher before it spreads. Early detection could be the difference between having a near miss, and standing watching as several years of precious memories go up in smoke, or sadly, it could be worse with the result being loss of life.

See Sense

A good quality domestic fire alarm should not set you back a huge amount of money, and you should factor in the cost of regular servicing. Contact MD Bespoke Solutions and find out how little a fire detection system could cost.

Have a home in Clapham and need a fire alarm or perhaps you have recently moved to Norbury or are looking to move to Norwood and are worried about fire alarms and safety?