You can create a smart home without breaking the bank

You can create a smart home without breaking the bank

Creating a futuristic home that can respond to your needs, even when you are not there, is not as expensive and complicated as it sounds. In a matter of years, consumers have seen mobile-controlled heating, lighting and electricity evolve into affordable everyday commodities. Consumer technology hasn’t quite caught up with the artificial intelligence and ‘living’ appliances that are being developed in some laboratories, but it’s not far off.

The world’s most expensive smart home (New Jersey, USA) costs $56m (about £41m), and can be controlled by a smartphone from anywhere in the world. For the average domestic user, the figure is far more conservative – starting in the hundreds, depending on the type of technology you want. From connected heating systems to mobile-phone-controlled lights, basic smart home technology is widely available and very affordable, and the best thing is that it can help you save money in the long run.

Save money on your energy bills

Smart home technology is not just convenient and highly impressive: it’s also extremely energy-efficient and can help you manage your power output (and your energy bills) effectively. Being able to turn off your heating or delay your hot water remotely is invaluable if you’re trying to save money. Here at MD Bespoke solutions, we’re fascinated by automatic dimming technology for lights – if you forget to turn a light off when you leave a room, your home will sense that the room is empty, and dim the lights to conserve energy.

Protect your home with cost-effective smart technology

Converting your house into a smart home is all about finding the cleverest ways to enhance and protect your property. If you have a security system in place, why not integrate this with your new lighting technology to boost its effectiveness? The MD Bespoke Solutions team can even install curtains that integrate with your security system and close whenever a threat is detected – meaning potential troublemakers cannot look into your home. As long as you have an internet connection, you can either control your smart technology remotely or from smart panels around your house.

If you want to turn your property into a smart home, or simply want to upgrade some parts of your home with smart technology, contact us at MD Bespoke Solutions today. A futuristic home is more affordable than you realise!