Even on the rainiest of days, lighting in your garden can transform the view from your window while you enjoy it from the comfort of your home.

Whilst illuminating your property from the outside to make it look better, there are also safety benefits to using outdoor lighting. Plus, with greater efficiencies and bespoke solutions to fit any outdoor space, you can transform your garden in a flash.


When we think about outdoor lighting, we sometimes think about harsh overhead lights or cheap solar bulbs that rarely create an impression. Creative lighting helps homeowners turn their garden into extra living space, with cohesive design and all the finishing touches you use indoors.

Maximise the space by incorporating raised lighting; place lights in existing trees and outbuildings, incorporate lamps into flower beds and shrubs or pick out your boundary with low level lighting.


Lighting always improves security and makes you feel safer. Again, as we mentioned above, you don’t always need to have glaring spotlights and motion sensors to make a difference with light.

Security lighting needs to be inviting to you but not to burglars. Once you have decided how you would like the area to be lit, you can always add a couple of additional motion sensors to any black spots that you use as an extra deterrent.

When setting up a security lighting system, always choose efficient bulbs that mean it isn’t a drain for them to be left on at all times. We’ll look more at energy efficiency below.


Using lighting to light up your pathway can be a great tool in helping both you and visitors find their way to your front door on dark evenings.

There are lots of ways you can subtly place lights; in shrubs and bushes, as stand-alone lamps or even more striking vintage street lamps that line your path. Low level lighting can cast a subtle glow across the path, giving you wide coverage from fewer lamps.

Energy Efficiency

There are a number of different types of lights you can use in an energy efficient way.

Automatic security lights with motion detectors can save energy and money. Solar powered lighting can complement electrical lighting when decorating your garden to achieve the perfect atmosphere and ambiance of your outdoor space.

The cool white glow of LEDs is effective with a motion sensor, and the superb energy efficiency means this lighting rarely costs more than a few pennies per month. You can also use tiny LEDs to light a tree or add festive interest at Christmas.

Ask MD Bespoke

Good lighting can transform the way you enjoy your outdoor space; lights can also help the whole family to feel safe and secure. If you want to know more about using lighting in your garden to complement the lighting in your Clapham home, speak to one of our dedicated team at MD Bespoke Solutions. We can talk you through a tailored solution that’s perfect for your garden.