We can design and install lighting for your garden and patio areas

We can design and install lighting for your garden and patio areas

With the right lighting, your outdoor space will extend and enhance your home. Whether you have a tiny yard or a large landscaped garden, lights are key to making the space feel welcoming, and they can make a big impression you’re your dinner guests arrive.

Ideally, lighting should be planned along with the layout of the garden, but that isn’t practical in every case. If you’re improving existing lighting, or starting afresh, here are a few things to think about.

What Are Your Lighting Needs?

Lighting in the garden or yard serves three main purposes: security, mood lighting, or feature lighting. It’s advisable to plan your scheme as a complete system, since a badly placed security light could interfere with the overall effect.

If you have a pond, a patio, steps or potted plants, let MD Bespoke suggest lights that will enhance your garden’s best features. If you prefer to relax around the chimenea at night, we’ll plan a scheme that offers a softer glow, without interfering with the warm flicker of the fire.

Outdoor Power

Putting lights into an outdoor space used to be complex, with power and wiring to consider. Nowadays, in addition to mains power, you can opt for solar or battery.

Solar lighting is great for decorative lighting that only needs to last a couple of hours beyond dusk. The electricity is free, and the lights are inexpensive. They should last up to 10 years, providing you buy a quality brand, and you can get solar lamp posts, stake lights and fairy light nets.

For best results, choose solar lights with removable batteries. LED lights should last for 50,000 hours, and most of the failures we see can be solved with a set of new rechargeables.

For areas where solar doesn’t work, battery powered LED lights are a fantastic option for the garden. Because LEDs are so bright and efficient, a set of batteries can power one light for well over a year. Battery lights are ideal for manual control, or where the light has a PIR sensor.

Smart Lighting Systems

Modern garden design is getting smarter, just like our homes. With smart lights, you can control the lighting in your garden from a smartphone or tablet design. Design the ideal low light combination for a romantic Indian summer evening, or create a security setting for emergencies where all lights are switched on.

Smart lights are wireless, and you can work with us to design a system that’s as subtle or striking as you like.

Get Lighting Advice

Don’t rush out and buy a load of cheap solar lights. Think about the end result. Our expert lighting designer know how to make the most of smaller spaces, and how to introduce drama and interest into any yard.

With the help of MD Bespoke’s specialist lighting engineers, you can turn your garden into a more usable, interesting space. Winter or summer, rain or shine, you’ll love spending time in your beautifully lit environment.