Consider the lighting options available to you

Consider the lighting options available to you

During the day, there’s nothing better than enjoying the natural light that floods into your extension through large windows, making it look bright, airy and homely. When the sunlight begins to fade, keeping your extension looking attractive, warm and ambient can be easily achieved with clever lighting that enhances the structure and style of the room.

Different spaces require different lights, so it’s essential to think about brightness, intensity and colour, as well as shape, so that your lights complement the extension you’re working on perfectly. The great thing about lighting is that you can tailor it entirely to fit around your property – if your extension features a skylight that covers your ceiling, for example, then you can use floor lights or wall lights to make the most of the available space.

Choose soft, ambient and subtle lighting for your living room extension

When you’re selecting lighting for a living area, maintaining a relaxing and calming atmosphere is essential, and a soft and warm lighting tone is ideal. Subtle ceiling spotlights and standing corner lamps are effective for creating a warm glow in the room, and could be tailored to fit both contemporary and traditional designs.

For something more ornate, you could install some hanging pendant lights; as well as providing you with delicate spots of light, pendant lights can be suspended from the ceiling and, if your extension features a skylight, they can even be designed to hang from other available spaces, such as the side of an adjoining ceiling.

Selecting lighting for your kitchen extension is all about practicality

When you’re choosing lighting for your kitchen or dining room extension, practicality is as important as aesthetics. Although it’s important for your new space to look fantastic, you also need to be able to prepare, cook and eat food happily within it. It should give a slightly brighter effect than the lighting used for your living space, and you may require more of it to ensure you can work comfortably.

You could think about installing spotlights underneath your kitchen units, so that the light is focused straight down onto your worktops – another good option for extensions with skylights. You could also combine this with pendant lights above your dining table or breakfast bar, to give you plenty of light during meal times. You can find out more about whether your home lighting is adequate.

Whether you’ve decided to extend your kitchen or lounge for a bit of extra living space, or you’ve converted your loft into a new bedroom, there are endless lighting solutions you could use to make your space look unique. At MD Bespoke Solutions, we are experts in providing safe, practical and attractive lighting solutions, and we’d be delighted to help you find the best option for your new extension. Contact us today to discuss your project!