Basement lighting or bachelor pad?

Basement lighting or bachelor pad?

When you say the words ‘basement flat’, most people probably imagine the same thing: a dark, damp, musty room with lurid artificial lighting and the upstairs property’s bin bags right outside your window. But, in actual fact, basement flats can be comfortable, stylish and spacious, if they are cleverly decorated and lit. While you’re never going to get the flow of sunlight that you would in a normal flat, there are ways to use lighting to brighten up the space in a way that feels natural – creating a cosy, open and breathable living space. So, with that in mind, here are some tips on choosing the best lights for your basement flat.

The perfect amount of light

This may seem counterintuitive, but the worst thing you can do in a basement flat is add too much light. Rather than brightening and opening up the space, doing this has a tendency to actually make the flat feel much smaller than it is – claustrophobic, even. This is because the harsh, fluorescent glare can make your furnishings look oversaturated. Add a few simple lights to begin with; then, once you’re happy with the flat, you can add more if necessary.

Highlights and lowlights

When you’re installing lighting for a basement flat, it is desirable to recreate the effect of natural light as much as possible. To do so, you need to make use of contrast and shadow (sunlight doesn’t enter your home as an unfaltering block; it flows in from all different spots and casts shadows across the room). By using numerous types of lights (e.g. floor lamps, track lights and plinth lights under cupboards), you can create contrasting highlights and lowlights that serve as an effective substitute for natural light, making a cosy atmosphere.

Respect your space

Just as clutter can make a room seem smaller, unnecessarily large lights can clog up the available space within a basement flat. If you have low ceilings, for example, it is far better to use recessed lighting than pendant lights, as these do not project into the room itself. Corner and table lamps are also effective space-savers, and can add much-needed light as well as creating beautiful contrasts throughout the flat.

Here at MD Bespoke Solutions, we can help you fit the perfect lights for your basement flat in Orpington, Bromley or a surrounding area. If you’re trying to brighten up the space, we can also provide professional painting and decorating services to open the basement flat up beautifully. Contact us today to find out more.