Mood lighting options

Mood lighting options

Lighting is changing, and new technology is making its way into our homes on a weekly basis. Remote controls and touch pads on the wall are all well and good, but today’s lighting goes one step beyond to a wireless breed of lighting equipment known as ‘smart’ lighting.

What is Smart Lighting?

Smart lighting is an innovative new lighting technology that offers two key benefits. First, there’s the ‘smart’ element; the lighting can do more to help us work, rest and play. Secondly, smart lighting is designed to promote energy efficiency, both in terms of the hardware itself and the system used to switch it on and off.

These smart lights do not necessarily have to be controlled by a switch. They can be connected to your home WiFi network and controlled using an app. It’s also possible to automate them, or have them react to changes in the environment (such as the amount of sunlight, or your presence in the room). You can even use this style of lighting for outside lights too!

Why Upgrade?

If you have a teenager in the home, or a forgetful spouse, you might constantly find yourself switching lights off in unoccupied rooms. If you work in an office, you might end up being the last one to leave, and that means going round switching all the lights off at the wall. It’s tedious, it’s boring, but if we forget to do it, it costs us money.

Smart lighting helps to reduce energy use, since lights do not need to be switched off manually when not required. They can be controlled remotely, or automatically, depending on the application.

Additionally, lights can be dimmed, and the colour of the light can be changed using a remote or app on a phone. That can help ensure comfort, the right mood and a more suitable and convenient atmosphere.

How can I add Smart Lighting to my home?

MD Bespoke is already working with homeowners to implement smart technology. We see the initial investment as paying dividends down the line, both as a result of the efficiency gains and the more modern components inside smart bulbs (like LEDs).

Our installers will assess the lighting you already have and look at cost effective ways to upgrade it. That might mean adding sensors, WiFi bulbs or upgrading your home network to a wireless router.

Daylight linked automated systems are now available to reduce energy requirements even further. In times of unstable weather, technology is evolving to include multiple illumination options so lighting changes in a room are subtle in quickly changing weather conditions.

We can also help you get to grips with your smart lighting app and scheduler.

Talk to the Pros

Smart lighting is very much a developing technology. There are some great new products already available on the market. When you upgrade, it’s important to purchase bulbs that are properly safety checked; many Chinese imports have been found to be potentially dangerous, and we recommend getting expert advice before you buy.

Contact us for a chat about your lighting ideas, and we’ll have you and your home smart-ready in no time.

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