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Are you buying a new home in Hersham, Brooklands, or Elmbridge and need a home buyer electric report? Perhaps you are a landlord who is unsure about your legal obligations regarding the new rules around EICRs? Or perhaps you are a commercial organisation that needs a commercial condition report? Working throughout Surrey and the nearby areas, the team at MD Bespoke Solutions are electrical safety specialists. We can thoroughly inspect and test any electrical system to ensure that it is safe and meets current guidelines.

Alongside a range of electrical safety audits the most common being an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) our NICEIC-approved contractors can also handle any other electrical work. This includes partial and full rewires, consumer unit or fuse board upgrades, lighting design and installation, exterior lighting, Smart Home installations, and more. We can also complete 24/7 emergency electrical repairs.

If you are doing work on your home or commercial property, we are the team to talk to. We cover a wide breadth of renovation and building services, including building, painting, plumbing, and decorating.  We also work with commercial, residential, and industrial customers.

We are renowned for our personal customer care and services. We have £10million Public Liability insurance and are proud members of TrustMark, which means our work has a six-year guarantee.

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EICRs in Hersham

Periodic electrical inspections and domestic condition reports near Brooklands

Do you need an electrical safety audit in Brooklands, Hersham, or Shepperton? The most common test is an EICR, which replaced the old Periodic Inspection Report (PIR). This test is sometimes also called a commercial condition report, fixed wire testing, domestic condition report, or condition report electrical.

This test provides an official document after the assessment to check that any system meets conditions set by BS7671. This will include if the electrical circuits are in a safe condition, whether there is any risk of electric shock, whether there has been any defective electrical work, a look at the condition of the consumer unit, and any recommendations.

KT10 EICRs for landlords  

New regulations came into force on July 1st 2020, which means that all new private tenancies in England will need to ensure that electrical installations are inspected and tested by a qualified contractor before the tenancy begins. It will then need to be tested every five years, or with each new set of tenants. For landlords with existing tenants, an electrical safety test will need to be carried out by April 1st 2021.

If any landlord breaches their requirements, they may be subject to fines and even prosecution. If you are a landlord in Hersham and wish to know more about electrical safety for rental homes, please get in touch with our team now.

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Do I need an EICR in Hersham, KT10?

If you have ever wondered if you need an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) in Hersham or Brooklands, the answer is yes. Whether you own your own home or a property, which you rent out, or you are responsible for a non-domestic property, an EICR is always necessary.

Home-owners: Whilst it may not be a legal requirement within owner-occupied homes to have an EICR near KT10, home owners should have their electrics tested regularly, to ensure they are safe to use and are functioning correctly. This will minimise the chance of electrical faults, which could lead to electric shocks or fire and even be a risk to life. EICRs are often recommended during the house buying and selling process.

Businesses: Employers are legally responsible for the health and safety of their employees under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. They are also required to safeguard staff against the risk of injury sustained from electricity used during work conditions under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

Landlords: Landlords have a duty of care towards their tenants under The Landlords and Tenants Act 1985, and this ensures checking the electrics within their rental properties are safe at the start of a tenancy and maintained throughout. EICRs for both landlords and businesses provide proof that they have met their legal obligations and are often required for insurance purposes.

NICEIC-approved electrical testing in Hersham: How often are tests needed?

It is advised that a domestic condition test in Hersham is carried out at regular intervals, depending on the use of the building.

Other factors may include:

  • Environmental conditions, so in areas where there is lots of water, systems may need to be checked more regularly
  • On the recommendation of the electrician if the installation is older
  • If the property owner is concerned about the condition of the installation
  • When there is any change to the usage of the property, such as when a rental property has new tenants

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