Our client contacted us after a recommendation from a previous client who was in need of a complete refurbishment of their new retail unit.

This was a large project that covered several floors and needed a full team of tradesmen to be on-site for several weeks and started with a complete demolition of the existing shop layout.

The entire property had to be cleared out and complete rewiring in place to bring everything up to current building regulations. We also installed a new staircase to help comply with fire safety regulations too (as we needed more than one escape route should there be a fire in the basement)

At the rear of the property we installed dividing walls to accommodate 4 beauty treatment rooms with new lighting and heating in each.

In the basement, we installed a shower area along with effecient ventilation and moisture resistant materials throughout the build.

We also constructed bespoke cabinetry throughout the property based on the exact requirements of the client. Some of the items were constructed off-site to allow for custom decorating and styling.

A new fire system, emergency lighting and sound system were also installed which are all controlled and monitored from the clients smart phone via an app.

The entire property was finished with a complete painting and decorating overhaul and all walls were replastered to leave clean edges to match the new high-end styling of the beauty salon.

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