We had the pleasure of assisting our client with some electrical work and the installation of a few interesting light fittings.

Our client decided to opt for a modern and unique look throughout.

Bespoke lighting design and installation in a property in London

Even though this was a little project, it required careful planning and precision, especially with the chandelier installation, as the property had a high ceiling. Each piece of the chandelier had to be configured to the desired height.

We have installed this elegant chandelier as the centrepiece of the staircase. It added a lot of beauty to the area and created a classy look and a welcoming atmosphere.

LED chandelier installation in London

The next stage of our work was to install some bedside and headboard LED strip lights.

Bedside lights are an essential part of your bedroom lighting. They are very practical as they can combine functionality, cosiness, and style.

The hanging lamps, that the client has chosen, beautifully illuminate the bedside area and provide a cosy and subtly warm atmosphere.

The headboard LED strip lights were a clever touch and a perfect addition that gave the room a modern look. They produced a relaxing atmosphere in a stylish way.


We have enjoyed every step of these works and we are pleased with the final product of the gorgeous lighting finishes.