MD Bespoke Solutions would like to introduce to you another of our latest projects. This was managed by us from start to finish.

The client contacted us through the Federation of Masters Builders website, to assist him with the modernisation of a property he was purchasing.

This was a pleasant and rewarding project as the client was great to work with and had a clear vision of what they were looking for. We managed both the electrical and building aspects of this project. Throughout the process we kept our client informed about the progress.

After carrying out EICR testing, the best option for futureproofing was a full house rewire.

We have stripped out all old wiring, and the new installation was designed according to all client’s requirements. We were always on hand to answer or discuss any questions that the client had. Being experienced in this field, we have advised the client about the best lighting options for ceilings with small recesses. Not only did this make their home look classy and smart, but also energy-efficient and budget-friendly.

Having a clear understanding of the client’s refurbishment requirements, it was straightforward and easy to schedule each stage of work to be carried out. We have worked alongside the client to make sure the work progressed smoothly and efficiently

When planning a bathroom design at the property, we carefully considered our options due to the limited space. We have used monochrome greys tones in tiles and sanitary ware, which created a simple yet sophisticated look.

All the walls and ceilings at the property were repaired and redecorated. For the painting, we have used a neutral colour which created a calming, steady, quiet, and soothing atmosphere in every room.

The floors and door designs were carefully considered to take into account the durability and quality. We wanted to follow through with the warm character of the property and at the same time, make sure it was easy for our client to maintain them.

Overall, it was a pleasure for us to assist our client with these works.

We are very pleased to be able to have produced a modern yet homely finish throughout the property.