In the Engineering Industry, safety is one of the most important aspects.

In this day and age, it seems people are more likely to worry about privacy rather than safety. When a work environment has well implemented and secure fire safety measures, people are happier and more productive.

Throughout years the population around our country is growing, however the land resources remain limited. This resulting in developing of high-rise buildings in many parts of the country for multiple uses: commercial, offices, retail, hotels and residential.

When it comes to high-rise buildings, The Fire Safety is the most crucial aspect. It requires advance planning and preparation, and in most cases, developers are facing huge costs.

Our regular client has introduced safe and affordable fire safety for high-rise and high-risk buildings – EVACSTAC.

He has contacted us and offered an opportunity to work along with them.

We are very proud to participate and assist in this amazing project.

EVACSTAC  is a collaboration between construction and fire-industry experts to solve a nationwide problem, providing a wide reaching, evacuation solution that meets the needs of the diversity of residents in high-risk buildings across the UK.

An EVACSTAC escape tower consists of made to measure, stackable structural steel pods (modules) with a custom choice of exterior from Fireproof cladding or fireproof glass.

Our responsibilities in this project consisted of:

  • Installation of a Fire Alarm System throughout whole escape tower complying with BS5839 regulations.

A category L2 Fire alarm system was designed and installed for the enhanced protection of life. This system aims to give occupants as much time as possible to get to escape routes.

In each steel pod we have installed an automatic smoke detectors in escape routes that lead to fire exit and call point to allow to manually trigger the fire alarm in a building.

7 zone Fire Alarm Control Panel was installed on the Ground Floor of escape tower alongside with the Consumer Unit.

Another option that was discussed with the client, was an installation of Fire Refuge System at a future point. This system is commonly referred to as Emergency Voice Communication system. It provides communication in refuge areas, allowing people to call for assistance when they cannot easily use fire escapes or evacuation lifts. They work by simple, effective two-way communication, firstly to assist rescue teams in determining where assistance is required and secondly to reassure people help is on the way.

  • Installation of an Emergency Lighting System throughout whole escape tower complying with BS5266 regulations.

An Escape Route type of emergency lighting was installed in each steel pod. This type of lighting enables the swift and safe evacuation of a building by illuminating routes to fire escapes and emergency exits, and the location of fire-fighting equipment.

The Led light fitting in each steel pod will run on non-maintained operation. This means the light fittings only will come on as an emergency light source. The continual mains supply will be only used to charge the battery of the light fitting itself.

Outside the entrance to each steel pod we have installed a maintained led emergency light, which will works as standard main light, and in a case of power failure, it will switch to battery powered emergency output.

  • Installation of Independent Power Supply.

We run a submain power supply to an escape tower from local mains cupboard.

On our submain distribution panel we have installed a new consumer unit which will distribute an electricity to Fire Alarm System and Emergency Lighting System.

The possibility of an installation of the door entry system which will be linked to Fire Alarm System was also discussed. This system will be programmed to release access controlled door in the event of a fire alarm activation. A fire alarm relay will be installed and connected into the door controller using fire proof (FP) cable.

It was an absolute pleasure for us to work on this amazing project. We have enjoyed every step of it, gained new knowledge about EVACSTAC escape tower, and possibly could be a part of a historic invention.

Our client was very pleased, so are we.