Don't risk working with electrics, call in the professionals

Don’t risk working with electrics, call in the professionals

When you go to your nearest hardware superstore, or even your local supermarket, you’ll be able to buy a range of lights and electrical fittings for your home. While all of these are manufactured to strict safety standards, they can only ever be safe if a competent person installs them.

Increasingly, we’re also seeing electronics being brought over from outside the EU. These can lack basic safety certifications and may be even more dangerous when handled by an amateur.

Can you afford to buy expensive electrical goods, and then risk having them installed by a cowboy? Or worse, could you put your family’s life at risk by using poor quality electrical products?

The Dos

Here are five key things we always recommend you consider if you’re going to have electrical work done in your home.

  1. Hire a professional. While you can do some jobs yourself, there’s no substitute for the advice and expertise of a NICEIC registered electrician.
  2. If you buy products online, look for the right safety markings. Be suspicious of exceptionally cheap items on auction sites or online marketplaces; ask your electrician to source the same products from reputable suppliers.
  3. Get your wiring checked. Even new build houses can be hiding some unpleasant and potentially lethal electrical problems. The sooner you notice, the safer your home will be, and the less costly it will be to have these issues fixed.
  4. Don’t ask an electrician to sign off your work. No serious professional will certify electrics that they haven’t installed themselves.
  5. Familiarise yourself with the law. In order to comply with building regulations, most major electrical work must be carried out by a qualified person. If it isn’t, you will have trouble selling your property when the time comes.

The Don’ts

Here are our 5 key don’ts for home electrical installations.

  1. Don’t source tradespeople on Facebook. While many companies have social media pages, you should look beyond these, and check out their company website. Make sure they have the accreditations they claim to have, and don’t rely completely on testimonials.
  2. Be aware of your limitations. Most people can change a power socket with a little care and some basic safety precautions. If you don’t feel confident doing more, don’t risk it.
  3. Never mix water and electricity. There are strict rules about the kinds of lights you can place near a bath or sink, for example. Unless you know what all the IP ratings mean, it’s best to ask a professional for advice.
  4. Avoid working at height. A fall can be just as dangerous an electric shock. Combining the two is sure to be fatal if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  5. Don’t skimp on the cost of testing after an electrical installation. It could save your life.

Our Services

MD Bespoke Solutions carries out electrical work throughout the south east of England. We’re based in Streatham, and have clients throughout the London area. For a quote, or friendly advice, don’t hesitate to call us today. Choosing the right electrician may just save your life.