Using light as art in your home

Using light as art in your home

The lighting in your home is a critical consideration when setting the mood and ensuring comfort. After all, we’ve all struggled with rooms that are dimly or inappropriately lit. But in addition to providing a functional purpose, you can use light in very creative ways. In essence, the light can act as an art form and provide decoration and focal points.

Creative and artful lighting has become much more affordable in the last couple of years. We often blog about LED lighting, and we strongly believe that all homes should use it. Not only is LED lighting very efficient, but it can also create some stunning effects that enhance a property and give it new appeal.

Creating Focus

LEDs are tiny light sources that emit a surprising amount of light. From bayonet bulbs to fairy lights, there’s an LED for practically any purpose.

We particularly like LED strip lights that add subtle distributed light, while also enhancing and highlighting key areas within the home.

Turn your stairs into an art installation by adding LEDs to the treads, or by lighting the space between the edge of the stairs and the bannister. In the bathroom, we can run waterproof LEDs around the back of a mirror, lifting the unit itself slightly off the wall to create a beautiful diffused glow.

This kind of lighting can add brightness to neglected areas of the home, but in itself, it is also a beautiful focal point.

Using Colour

Coloured lighting has always been tricky in home design. How can you use colour without making your home look like the Blackpool Illuminations?

Again, we come back to our good friend: the light emitting diode.

LEDs are capable of emitting thousands of different hues, from bluish whites through to warm reds and yellows. You can use this technology to superb effect. A colour changing bulb can provide functional light in the living room, and then switch to a colourful hue for parties and gatherings. LEDs can also be set to fade through different colours to continually change the ambiance in a room.

Smart Art

Smart home technology is changing the way we light and control our homes, and it can also be used to repurpose lighting in a creative and original way.

For example, use LEDs that are linked to your phone, and then have those LEDs react to the movie you’re playing. Or use your phone to detect the music you’re playing, and get the lights to change colour in time with the beat. Run an LED strip around your mezzanine floor to create a stunning light show for a very small investment.

If you already have a smart lighting system, we’d be pleased to show you how you can make the most from it, and transform your living space with its more creative side. Equally, if it’s time for an upgrade, we can demonstrate systems like Philips Hue and Lifx that offer superb artistic potential.

Getting Advice

Lighting a room need not be a purely functional consideration. We can help you install lights that add real wow factor to your home. For more tips, get in touch with the team at MD Bespoke today.