Correct lighting in your home is essential

Correct lighting in your home is essential

Lighting can make a huge difference to the way we perceive our homes. A room that is lit correctly will offer task lighting in the right places, and a warm glow in areas where we want to relax. Some of our customers find mezzanines tricky, because they’re open across one side. How can you illuminate the mezzanine correctly, without being troubled by the lighting in the adjacent space?

The key is to look at the mezzanine as a separate space that’s connected to the main room, and create a lighting scheme that works for both spaces.

Ceiling Lights in a Mezzanine

In a mezzanine, you’re going to be constantly aware of the ceiling lights for the room below.

One ceiling pendant may offer good general light for both spaces, but you’ll almost certainly need something more focused too. Table and wall lamps will create the warmth you need to enjoy a beautifully relaxing bedroom area on your mezzanine.

If your mezzanine functions as an office or a play area, you may find that wall and table lights are not bright enough. Ceiling spotlights cost you a few inches in head height, but can offer even light across the mezzanine area. Make sure your downlights are fire rated. This is an essential safety consideration that is critical in ensuring the area above the mezzanine does not become too hot.

Using LEDs

We always recommend that you use LED bulbs where it’s practical to do so, and mezzanines are a good opportunity to experiment.

LED strip lights are great for a mezzanine, since they take up practically no head height, and can be used to create decorative effects. Use compact or recessed lighting to reclaim precious space from the walls and ceiling.

For example, you could add colour-changing LEDs that offer warm white light when the mezzanine is in use. When you’re downstairs, switch the LEDs to a funky colour to give your whole room character and glow. Running a strip around the perimeter can uplight the mezzanine without cluttering the view from below.

Creating Your Dream Mezzanine

Bringing natural light into a mezzanine is logical, particularly if you have a sloped roof that would suit skylights.

Also, consider adding a glass balcony that lets light flood into the mezzanine from the room below. And if you have an overhang, consider adding LED strips underneath it to give your mezzanine the appearance of a huge floating shelf: great for parties, or just as eye candy.

Expert Advice

Since lighting is so important in interior design, you’ll need a professional installer to help you get the right effect. All too often, we see mezzanines with lights that are added as an afterthought. The lighting, wiring and sockets should be an integral part of the space.

MD Bespoke Solutions are specialists in loft conversions, refurbishments and rewiring. Invite us to carry out a survey of the room, and we’ll help you to create a lighting scheme that offers the perfect finishing touch.