Our client has lived in the house for years, so decided it was the time for a bit of a change.

He contacted MD Bespoke Solutions to take on this job.

Our task was to design an eye-catching and welcoming entrance to the property. A good entryway design always changes the outlook on the house and provides a pleasant curb appearance. In this case, we have decided to go with a classic and always stylish choice, Victorian checkerboard tiling.

This project required skill and attention to detail, thorough planning and calculations. The significant part of this job was making sure the surface was perfectly smooth and levelled.

The next important step of this job included the adequately planned installation of every individual tile and securing them in place with the correct adhesive. The key to achieving this beautiful look was to accurately position every tile making a perfect checkerboard pattern.

In most cases, mosaic tiling can be a time consuming and complex task. However,  we have finished this project within our planned timescale and our challenges were outweighed by a beautiful end result.