To maintain environmental sustainability the motor industry steadily transforming to electrical vehicles. Over the next 10 years the UK will transition into a nation of electric vehicles. With the current plans in place, by 2030 all new cars sold will be zero-emission from the tailpipe. With the multiple government grants that have been on offer for both vehicles and charge points, this is a good indication of the strong commitment the UK has made to reduce global carbon emissions. This means…if we’re all driving electric vehicles, we’re going to need a lot of charge points!

With the electric car market growing so quickly, the charge point sector is going to have to keep up. As you can see from the graphs above, the growth of public charging points is not keeping up with the exponential growth of EV registrations. For reliable charging and lower costs, the convenience of having a charge point at home will become essential. So why not beat the rush and have a charge point installed at home by an authorised installer like MD Bespoke Solutions.

Some people may ask … can you charge a car in a normal three-pin wall socket? The short answer is yes – but you wouldn’t want to. It could take up to 35 hours to charge a standard 50kWh pack on a regular 230V outlet so it’s not an ideal solution. Charging points charge EVs in a range of speeds dependant on the power output of the charger. There are slow, fast, rapid, and now ultra-rapid chargers. The slow chargers generally take 8-10 hours to charge a battery, while the rapid can do it in 30-60 mins. Most home EV charge points have a speed of 7KWh – this is twice the speed of a 3-pin plug. Some models can charge as fast as 22kWh, though this faster speed is not available for the typical home.

Installation of a home EV charge point is currently around £1000 – this is an approximate cost as it depends on varying factors:

  • Does the property have a sufficient power supply?
  • How far does the cabling need to go to reach the charge point?
  • What kind of surface is the charge point being mounted on?

These things all affect the price of the installation.

At MD Bespoke Solutions we offer a wide range of the most affordable Electric Vehicle chargers.

We can provide a fixed quote for the installation of your charge point after a site survey. When we visit, we will assess your electrical supply, consumer unit and parking setup. You will also need to either own the property or have permission from your landlord. You’ll need to have your own off-street parking and a Wi-Fi connection at home.

Another decision you will need to make is whether to have a tethered or untethered installation. Tethered installation means the cable is attached to the charger and it is more convenient to use. This is the most common type of installation.

Untethered installation means the cable needs to be attached to the charger (you would normally keep it in your boot). One of the benefits you will get with this installation is that you can change your charging cables. For instance, if the cable got damaged or if you will require a longer charging cable.

Once you have accepted our quote, we can organise for an engineer to complete the installation. This usually takes half a day. After the charge point is installed, the engineer will carry out the testing and talk you through how to use it. The final stage after completing the installation will be to sign it off with Building Control.

We will issue you an NICEIC certificate for the installation and you will get a notification from Building Control emailed to you.

Happy Charging 😁