Be aware of the danger of fire and smoke in your home

Be aware of the danger of fire and smoke in your home

We tend to take our electricity for granted, and safety is rarely an issue in the home. Since so few of us ever encounter problems with our electricity supply, or suffer something as serious as an electric shock, we tend to not think twice about the age of our wiring.

However, cables and sockets deteriorate with age and use, and you’ll probably need to have your home re-wired every ten to twenty years. If that sounds too frequent, don’t forget that an electrical system that has degraded through the years can cause a fire, and updated equipment is essential to negate risk. In fact as many as one-in-three house fires in the UK starts because of an electrical fault: a truly startling figure. So many homeowners aren’t aware of the danger which is why we suggest using our Electrical Installation Conditions Report as this will assess the quality of any wiring.

There are other reasons why your house may need re-wiring. Here are some ways you can tell that you may have a problem.

Your circuit breaker frequently trips

The job of your circuit breaker is to help prevent electrical fires by cutting off your electric supply. It does this when it detects that the amount of amps flowing around your circuit is not within the correct range, meaning that there’s a potentially dangerous fault somewhere.

Your circuit breaker may trip because of a faulty electrical appliance, but it can also trip because your wiring is old and needs replacing.

Discolouration and scorch marks

If you notice scorch marks around the pin-holes of your power outlets or your electrical switches, this is a sign that either a loose connection or faulty wiring is causing a short near the socket or switch. The short is causing a small, brief fire every time you use the outlet or switch, leading to the charring.

If you discover such evidence, turn off your electricity supply and call in a professional from MD Bespoke. We will examine the socket or switch for a loose connection.

A persistent burning odour

If a room in your house seems to have developed an acrid, unpleasant smell for which you can find no source, then it’s quite possible you have an electrical short in the wiring behind your walls.

Check your power outlets first, especially those that are usually kept permanently in use and switched on. If they all look okay, then the smell is probably coming from your wiring.

When it comes to electricity, burning smells are never a good sign, so don’t delay in calling us out.

Safe, not sorry

Having your house rewired in London or the South East is a sizeable job. Your chosen electrician will need to get into your walls to replace the old wiring. However, early prevention is better than leaving the system to deteriorate.

For best results, we recommend combining rewiring work with redecoration, home improvements, or any extensions you might be having done. There’s no less disruption, but the job will at least be done when people are already working in those areas, and you won’t have to make a mess twice.

Speak to MD Bespoke about the cost of rewiring today. You can never be too sure about the safety of your home’s energy supply, and rewiring needs to be carried out by a NICEIC qualified electrician. Contact MD Bespoke Solutions today to find out if your home is safe.