Checking old wiring is essential to ensure safety

Checking old wiring is essential to ensure safety

The wiring in older properties should always be your number one priority, particularly if you’ve just bought the property and you’re planning a moving date. Old wiring can cause fires, and create nasty electric shocks. It’s sensible to rewire the house before you move in.

Rewiring is always a disruptive job, and it can be messy. Here are our expert tips to make the job easier and safer.

1. Draw diagrams

Most old properties were wired up before we had a need to plug in lots of gadgets. Look at where your sockets are and draw up plans to add more.

2. Engage a qualified electrician

Don’t start work unless you’re sure that the work you’re doing is safe. If you need sign-off under building regulations, you’ll need an electrician to do the work.

3. Fix a budget

Some electrical work is essential. Some is ‘nice to have’. Fixing a budget early will ensure you stay focused on the critical aspects of rewiring.

4. Work slowly

Don’t start drilling stud walls until you’ve checked what’s on the other side. Take your time, use all of your senses, and watch out for pipes and mystery wires.

5. Understand the property

Many older homes have some unusual wiring and use techniques that would be absolutely illegal today. Get a proper survey done, and make sure you’ve captured everything that needs to be replaced in the early stages.

6. Don’t forget the lights

Lighting needs to be replaced as part of a rewiring project. Budget to replace frayed cables, fabric cables, and sockets mounted high on the wall that are probably wired into your lighting circuit.

7. Plan to redecorate

As we mentioned in the introduction, rewiring makes mess. Whatever you do, don’t paint your house before you rewire, because you’re going to have a lot of holes to fill in later. It’s better to get all the electrics done before you move in – and definitely before you decorate.

8. Get creative

In older properties, you have the choice of going for the period look, or going ultra-modern. You don’t have to go with bog standard white switches if you don’t want to. Research online to find fixtures and fittings that are to your taste.

9. Don’t forget the fusebox

Older properties are notorious for having fuseboxes instead of consumer units, or lacking the RCD protection that could save your life. If you need a new consumer unit, it’s a job for your electrician.

10. Smarten up your home

Rewiring is a great opportunity to modernise your home. Think about adding USB sockets to the walls, or running network cables at the same time. Smart lighting is relatively inexpensive, but could transform the atmosphere in your property.

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