Electrical support for landlords in London

Electrical support for landlords in London

Landlords have a number of legal obligations to keep their tenants safe in the housing they are renting. Electrics are a good example. Landlords have to ensure that electrical appliances which are safe to use. When problems occur, the landlord is obliged to remedy the issue swiftly.

Of course, many landlords don’t live close to the properties they rent, so this is where the services of a qualified electrician provide the bridge between the two parties. A good local electrician can ensure secure and well-maintained accommodation, while making sure that faults are fixed quickly.

Life as a landlord – or a tenant

Life as a landlord comes with many responsibilities. It’s not just a case of decorating the house, putting some furniture in and finding someone to live in it; it’s an ongoing concern. If the landlord doesn’t have plans in place for maintenance issues, then there can be a swift downwards slip to unsafe living accommodation. In turn, this may lead to fines and invalid insurance.

For landlords, this is a challenge, because they can’t spend their evenings and weekends travelling around their properties fixing faults. Aside from being impractical, faults with electrical devices are likely to be highly specialised.

Tenants have the right to expect that appliances will work, and that the basic electrical services in the property are adequate. Anything not up to scratch can be a source of frustration and a health and safety concern. If the landlord is unresponsive, the letting agency may have to step in.

We bridge the gap

A landlord has a number of legal obligations to their tenants:

  • Electrical installations must be safe when a tenant moves in so condition reports are essential
  • Electrical installations must be maintained during a tenancy
  • A ‘House in Multiple Occupation’ must have an inspection every 5 years
  • Appliances provided must be safe and have a CE marking or better

Qualified electricians must carry out work. This is where the support of a helpful electrician is invaluable to a landlord. The landlord doesn’t need to accompany the firm carrying out the work, and the tenants can see that the problems have been dealt with.

Only registered electricians should be employed, as they have the legal competency and the necessary insurances.

Find out more

If you rent a property and struggle to keep on top of the maintenance, speak to us today. MD Bespoke operates across the London and South East areas, and our team of qualified electricians could free up more of your time. In addition, we will ensure that all work is carried out legally and safely. We can do small jobs, such as appliance repairs, or full periodic inspections for Houses in Multiple Occupation.

Landlords must look after the welfare of their tenants. If you aren’t sure of the rules which apply to home electrics of rented accommodation, talk to us now, or consult ‘The Landlords’ Guide to Electrical Safety’ to find out more about your obligations.

With us, you can let your property with complete peace of mind.