Why Independent Electricians are Better Than Larger Companies

Why Independent Electricians are Better Than Larger Companies in Surrey

When someone carries out an electrical job in your home, you should check they’re a professional. No amateur ‘sparky’ should be contacted to carry out the work – however small a task it may be. DIY electrical work can be dangerous if the person who does the work isn’t qualified, and there are some projects where only a fully qualified electrician can legally be employed.

Beyond this, you might wonder whether to use an independent electrician or to talk to a large company which has a number of offices around the UK. Here are some tips.

Searching for an electrician

An online search for an electrician in your area will result in hundreds of possibilities. Some will be smaller independent companies, and some will be larger businesses with teams based in different towns and cities. It’s about finding a company which is reliable, qualified, friendly and can offer excellent customer service.

Whilst larger companies may have greater numbers of staff on call than an independent electrician, they may not have the breadth of knowledge needed for specialist jobs. Being able to contact an electrical company swiftly is vital as is being able to return to the same person if you need to call again so you don’t have to keep explaining the problem.

An independent electrician will have someone you can deal with every time you call, whereas larger companies may have a call centre. And we all know how infuriating they can be when you need to get in touch quickly.

The benefits of using an independent electrician

An independent electrician gets to know clients, their properties and the local area. You can save a lot of time by employing someone who lives and works locally, since they’ll understand the history and quirks of your house.

If you have bought an older style property that requires a great deal of renovation work, wiring will certainly be one project for the professionals. Whilst large companies will have the qualifications to rewire, they may not have that specific experience.

Bespoke work takes a certain kind of approach, and larger companies may not have the facility to offer staff for the amount of time required – it’s more about precision than speed for them. It’s all about the personal touch, rather than just arriving, completing the job and moving on to the next assignment.

Use an independent electrician in London

MD Bespoke Solutions is an independent electrical company. Its team is qualified and registered to undertake every kind of project for any kind of building – commercial and domestic alike. The team is dedicated to its work and passionate about treating every customer as an individual.

As a company, we are always on hand to answer questions, help with ideas and follow-up with advice and guidance. If you need electrical work carrying out, or perhaps need old work inspecting, hire an independent company you can trust. You’ll benefit from local knowledge, and you’ll also be putting money back into your local economy – a boost for the area where you live.