Lighting in our homes has changed over the years

Lighting in our homes has changed over the years

The simple, convenient light switch is something we all take for granted. With a tap, the lights are on – safely, and instantly. This tiny piece of engineering is vital to modern life, and we would feel lost without it, both at work and at home.

The light switch was invented in 1884. Since then though, lighting – and its role as part of the home – has changed. As we make strides into the 21st century, technology is ensuring our lighting equipment and design develops and evolves yet again.

How we used to light our homes

Originally, homes were lit with naked flames – torches, or candles. Candles give out small amounts of light, and the poor would have struggled to work in their poorly illuminated environment. This is why aristocrats fitted grand chandeliers complete with many candles. Combined with the refraction of the light from the glittering droplets of glass, chandeliers offered light evenly dispersed through a room. For the majority, though, lighting was about necessity rather than decoration, and there was no such thing as mood lighting.

Gas lighting followed the candle, and then the light bulb. The latter was so effective that little changed over the following hundred years. It was, however, inefficient, designed to burn bright for a short period of time.

Smarter lighting

The light bulb is no longer a disposable object that draws more than its fair share from the mains. There’s now a range of different types of bulbs available which are much more energy efficient, last much longer and have opened up the options as to the style, design and positioning of lighting. Now the bulb isn’t just a utility item: it can change the way your home feels, and even make it safer.

Light bulbs can now be made with LEDs for far improved energy efficiency and longevity. But even more impressively, some of these bulbs can be connected to our home WiFi networks so we can control their output with an app.

So-called ‘smart bulbs’ can be turned on and off according to a timer on your smart phone or tablet, dim and brighten when we arrive and leave the home, or change in hue or shade for work and play. These amazing bulbs only cost a few pounds more than a regular LED, yet they can mark the first step towards a smarter, greener home lighting system.

Energy efficiency

As energy bills have gone up, efficient products have come into their own, and LED is one technology which is proven – and very affordable. LEDs, or light emitting diodes, are tiny bright lights that can burn for many years without fading or fizzling out.

LED is particularly effective as the tiny bulbs can be clustered, aligned or focused on particular areas. That means light hits surfaces, not shades. LEDs are deal for under cupboard spaces, but they can also be used as direct replacements in lamps.

Talk to the pros

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