Controlling your electrics from your phone

Controlling your electrics from your phone

Smart devices are cropping up in nearly every part of our lives. A trend that began with the iPod and iPhone has spread into TVs, watches, rings and even the spectacles we wear. It should come as little surprise that smart technology is now finding its way into a modern home fittings too.

What’s Available?

Thanks to smart technology, homeowners can easily and affordably install lights and heating systems which are controlled by their tablet or mobile phone over a WiFi connection. Security alarms, and even some ovens and fridges, can be linked up to your network of smart devices, making your home a ‘smart-home

Some homeowners have completely remodelled their home to incorporate full smart systems with cameras, screens, TVs, hot tubs, curtain and more, albeit at a cost. One of the most expensive installations we have come across came in at around $1.8 million in total.

But don’t be put off. Buying smart technology for your home doesn’t have to break the bank and there are some great affordable gadgets on the market. Here are a few of our favourites.

Kevo Locks

Kevo locks are great new deadbolt locks which can be fitted to your doors and opened by a Bluetooth device. The Kevo system works by linking specific devices to the lock, so all you have to do is wave your phone (or other device) in front of the lock to open it. There are still keys and a fob which you can also use if you forget your phone, so you won’t be locked out. The lock costs around £220.


The iSmartAlarm system is a great low cost alarm system which you can install and set up with the help of an alarm installation company. Coming in at a price of around $200, it is a cheap alternative to a fully installed security alarm. It links up with your mobile phone and lets you remotely arm and disarm the alarm system, as well as displaying whether any windows or doors are currently open or closed. The iSmartAlarm monitors movement and has an integrated camera so that you can see what’s going on whilst you are away. If anything unusual happens, you are notified straight away.

Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect Smoke and CO Detector

The Nest thermostat monitors when you are in your home and adjusts the temperature when you leave – ideal for improving energy efficiency. The smoke detector ‘talks’ (rather than emitting a siren noise) and can be switched off with the wave of a hand – great for false alarms. The smoke detector will also detect carbon monoxide and link to the Nest thermostat to switch off your gas boiler. Both Nest devices can be linked to your smartphone. Together, they cost in the region of $400.

Belkin WeMo

The Belkin WeMo adaptor costs around £30. It is a simple plugin socket which can be linked to your WiFi network and can be operated over the internet by your smartphone. This allows you to switch on and off any plugin device at any time.

Your WeMo device could be hooked up to a lamp, a radio, a heater or any other item with a mains plug, like your TV or a four-way socket. Having something operating whilst you are out of the house is a great way to deter potential burglars.

Exploring Smart Technology

Smart technology for the home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and it offers practical benefits that anyone with a smartphone will love. If you’re interested in installing a smart lighting system or smart security devices, contact MD Bespoke and arrange for one of our specialists to visit your home.

Please note, prices are correct as of 20th February 2014