Be aware of damaged wiring

Be aware of damaged wiring

If you’ve bought a property that requires renovation, or you haven’t inspected your own wiring for a few years, you might be due a rewire. Even modern homes can be susceptible to problems, while older properties may be due a complete refresh.

The wiring for any property must always be safe, secure and within the legal legislation applicable now. Old wiring can cause fuses to blow, can force your whole electrical system to trip on a regular basis, or – at the extreme – could cause either an electrical shock or a fire.

If any of these are true, you probably need to take action:

  • The property is over 40 years old
  • You rely on extension cords for power
  • You have two prong sockets
  • You see damage or cracks

Read on to find out why.

The warning signs

Before you start to look at the wiring in your home, the most important element is to stay safe. If you know nothing about electrical work, stop now and call a professional. If you have some knowledge, you can start to check for warning signs but don’t touch anything yourself.

The first place to look is in the corner of each room. Count the sockets. If there are only one or two, this is a sign that there could be older style wiring in place.

If you’ve ever touched a socket and felt that it’s hot, this could be a sign that there’s overheating going on somewhere. It’s not normal to feel heat or see flashing light from a plug, or smell a strange burning smell.

Have a look at the fuse box in the house. It will be fairly easy to be able to judge if it looks old from the general design. Even if it looks modern, it may be that just the box was replaced and isn’t an indication that the whole property was rewired. Look at the main fuses in the box; if they are the re-wirable type, you have a very old domestic wiring system that desperately needs attention.

The general condition of the light switches and the plug sockets can give a good indication as to how old the wiring is. Look for any damage, such as loose boxes or perished fittings. Take action today if you can see live wires.

We recommend carrying out a full report (Electrical Installation Condition Report) as quite often you cannot see the damage to wiring as it is hidden behind the walls.

What to expect when a property is rewired

Rewiring work can vary. You might just need new sockets and light switches. You might need a full rewire, where all cable is removed and replaced. The latter is a big job that requires a fair bit of patching up.

In preparation, remove all items from the walls of each room. The installation team should provide dust sheets for the furniture and will help you if they need any items moving.

The amount of time it takes depends on the complexity of the job, but a full rewire will be completed in approximately 4 days. Sometime re-plastering is necessary, but this will all be discussed in the planning stage of the job.

Talking to a qualified professional

Never take on any electrical work yourself. From a simple repair to a full house rewire, talk to MD Bespoke Solutions today to arrange a visit and a quote. If you see old wiring in your property, don’t leave it for another day. Poor wiring can be very dangerous, and you don’t want to be another fire service statistic.