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An EICR is the most common type of electrical safety test. It is a formal document that is written following the full assessment of an electrical installation and was previously called a Periodic Inspection Report, or PIR. There are many reasons why you may need one and importantly, it is proof that an electrical installation is safe.  Every electrical installation will deteriorate over time and with continued use and it is important that the person who is responsible for the maintenance and safety of the electrical installation ensures that it remains safe to use at all times.

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EICRs in Clerkenwell

EICR testing and domestic electric tests in Clerkenwell

You may be asking yourself why you need an EICR. You may not know this but according to reports, annually ten people on average die and about 750 are seriously injured in accidents involving unsafe electrical installations in the home. An EICR is recommended on all domestic homes every 10 years to check the condition of the installation and ensure it still complies with current regulations.

There are also other reasons a domestic property may need to be tested:

  • Change of use: This includes a change of occupancy for domestic rentals, or if you are preparing your property for sale or your property is being purchased. If you are buying a property, having an EICR completed ensures that you will not be landed with costly bills further down the line for electrical work that the survey didn’t pick up on. If you are a Landlord, it is a legal duty to ensure your tenants are safe, so you will need to have an EICR completed every five years of with each change of occupancy.
  • Misuse or environmental conditions: If your property has been flooded or subjected to vandalism, for example, the system will need to be thoroughly tested.
  • The age of the installation: The older the installation the more frequently an EICR will need to be carried out
  • The type of property: Some properties, such as those with swimming pools will need an EICR every year but only the parts involved with the swimming pool will need to be examined.
  • Any concern you may have: If you are worried about anything to do with your electrical installation, always call a professional. Having a regular EICR will always pick up on any problem before it becomes a more serious issue, so will save you money in the long run.

During an EICR, our electricians may note recommendation codes, which mark a defect within the system, noted as C1, C2 or C3. Any C1 or C2 will mean that the test is unsatisfactory and all C1 codes will need immediate attention to make them safe.

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What does an EICR or PIR test in my Clerkenwell property involve?

Our electricians will test the installation against the current IEE Regulations.

They will check the following:

  • Whether the installation is adequately bonded
  • Whether the installation is adequately earthed
  • The suitability of switchgear and control gear
  • The type of wiring and its condition
  • If there is any defective electrical work, damage or wear and rear
  • If any electrical circuits or equipment is overloaded

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