Outdoor Lighting Enhances Your Home

Outdoor Lighting Enhances Your Home

Outdoor lighting is an investment, but it’s always a worthy one. Homeowners have varying reasons for installing outdoor lighting, but whether it’s to impress the neighbours or to make parking easier, it’ll always improve your property and could increase its value.

In this article, we’ll look at five big plus points for outdoor lighting in a domestic setting.

Improved Ambience

A few carefully placed lighting fixtures can make your home feel more your own, and a beautifully lit garden makes the exterior of your house look just as welcoming as the exterior. It’s surprising just how much a clever lighting scheme can accentuate your garden’s best features while disguising areas you’d rather not show off.

The best results are always achieved with the help of a lighting specialist who can suggest the right fixtures and positioning. Getting a bespoke outdoor lighting design will help you to match the shape of the garden, accentuate its best features and create a stunning backdrop at night.

Extended Garden Use

Outdoor lighting helps to make the most of your outdoor space, and that’s particularly useful in the summer months. It’s amazing how much a good lighting design can prolong those balmy evenings.

If you enjoy dining al fresco, lighting makes the experience so much easier. If you have friends round to enjoy the patio and decking, soft lights will help to create atmosphere. And as the summer turns to autumn, lighting can help you make the most of the good weather, even if it’s not as light.

Lighting for Security

It goes without saying that homes that are not well lit are easy targets for burglaries. When designing a bespoke lighting scheme, it’s critical to minimise the amount of places thieves could hide, and illuminate possible entry and exit points.

Sensors can help to deter burglars from approaching your property, and these can be sensitively positioned so that they won’t be continually activated by next door’s cat. You could also consider smart lighting – a system controlled remotely using a smartphone, or programmed to come on at certain times.

Lighting for Safety

We don’t always consider danger when we think about our garden or yard space, but hazards are surprisingly commonplace when lighting is poor.

Lighting the drive will make parking easier, with less likelihood of a bump. Lighting water features or ponds will prevent accidents when the kids are playing out late. Even simple lights along the path could help you avoid trips and slips, especially after imbibing a few drinks at your local.

The Best Reason Of All

A great lighting design will improve your home in a number of ways. But in all cases, a bespoke lighting scheme will add value to your property. In a buyer’s market, it pays to do everything you can to make your property appealing, and that means focusing on the exterior just as much as the interior. If your potential buyer should pass by at night, your garden should look presentable and appealing, and that could help you bag the sale you’ve been waiting for.