Electrical testing reports carried out in London

Electrical testing reports carried out in London

There are a number of reasons why you might need to get your home electrics checked. Sometimes, it’s a mandatory stipulation. On other occasions, you might simply be curious about the age and safety of your system.

Whatever the reasons, it’s a process that is all about peace of mind: both from a legal point of view, and in terms of the safety of your family.  In the course of a check, you can choose to upgrade aspects of the electrical systems to bring them up to date or to switch to smart technology.

Rather than seeing an electrical inspection as an unwanted expense or an intrusion, look at it as a positive opportunity for improvements. Taking an active interest means that extra safety aspects could be incorporated and, perhaps, some money saved in the medium and long term.

Reasons an electrical inspection may be carried out

There are four key reasons why we’re called out to do a safety test:

  • Commercial and domestic inspection testing, such as tests recommended by a surveyor when you buy a new home
  • Fault finding, where there’s cause for concern and evidence of a problem
  • Compliance, such as safety certificates for housing landlords
  • General electrical surveys where you want to review and upgrade your system

It’s important that tests are undertaken as soon as they are required, as faulty and old wiring can lead to fires or damage. An electrical inspection can easily address minor safety hazards before they become a major problem and flag up any issues from perhaps previous owners if you’ve just taken over a building.

It’s always worth knowing that sockets and switches are compliant, so you know your electrics aren’t going to damage things you’re plugging in.

Why take an interest?

Looking after a building’s occupants is not only about caring for their wellbeing, it can be a legal obligation. Taking an active interest means that you can be advised about the way forward for ensuring the electrics remain safe, and informed the different ways you can futureproof your systems.

When you book your electrical inspection, think about the future use of the home. For example, it might be a good idea to upgrade your RCD protection or add new sockets.

There may be an additional financial outlay for these upgrades, it won’t be long before they’ve paid for themselves through lower energy bills and improved convenience as you go about your daily life.

The benefits of a qualified electrician

At MD Bespoke, we pride ourselves on knowing all the latest tricks and opportunities. If you engage with the inspection, we’ll advise on ways to be more energy efficient, or introduce remote monitoring technology that can make your home safer and less prone to burglary.

Talk to MD Electrical when you have the need for either a scheduled electrical inspection or have a fault which needs fixing. We are NICEIC Approved Contractors, NICEIC Domestic Installers and are Part P Electrical Safety compliant. There’s no better choice for electrical testing in the South London area.