Ensure your home or office is safe with professionally fitted fire alarms in Streatham

If you’re questioning the safety of your home or office in Streatham or Dulwich in the event of a fire, we can give you the answer. Using the highest quality technology and intelligent design, a fire alarm system from MD Bespoke Services provides the best protection you can get, ensuring complete peace of mind.

Fire alarm systems for the home in Dulwich

You fit locks to your doors and windows to prevent intruders and theft. It’s only natural that you’d want to take reasonable precautions to ensure that your loved ones and possessions are protected from fire as well. And we can work with you to make sure you have the system you both want and need. You’re probably familiar with standard smoke detectors, but there’s a wide range of heat, smoke and fire detecting sensors available all designed to maximise your safety. Our wireless alarm systems can be installed cleanly, neatly and painlessly (and without nasty visible cabling), linking to alarm bells, a 24 hour monitoring centre and even straight to your mobile phone! They can also be integrated, in many cases, with your existing burglar alarm system.

All MD Bespoke Solutions fire alarm installations are undertaken in accordance with the highest professional standards to meet and where possible exceed fire, health and safety regulations.

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Fire & smoke alarms fitted in London & Surrey

Fire alarm systems Streatham businesses

As well as being a statutory legal requirement, the right fire alarm system is vital for the continued safety of both your business premises and staff. British Standard 5839 outlines most of the requirements for any proposed fire alarm system design, but additional local legislation might come into play, and Streatham’s Fire Prevention Officer should be contacted to check whether this applies to your building or premises. Landlords too need to take special care that their tenanted buildings comply with the rigorous standards that are asked of them. MD Bespoke Solutions can quickly and cost-effectively install any system that may be required, and will provide all the necessary certificates and documentation that the authorities need.

Looking after your fire alarm system

Professional fire alarm installations in StreathamOnce you’ve got your fire alarm system in place, you need to make sure that it continues to give the very best protection. MD Bespoke Solutions offer a range of maintenance services, providing regular inspections and servicing, and fast, efficient problem solving should any technical issue arise. If there are changes to fire, health and safety legislation that affect your system, we can advise and update swiftly, so that you don’t breach the new regulations. It’s all about security, for everyone.

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In addition to our Fire Alarm service, we offer a full range of electrical services, including house rewiring, Smart Home design, installing exterior lighting and CCTV systems, electrical installation condition reports and consumer unit replacement. And if you’re a landlord, we can provide a tailored solution for your property’s electrical maintenance needs with our Landlord Electrical Services. We take pride in offering our clients a first class customer experience, working with them to ensure that we provide the service they need when they need it.

For high quality electrical services in Streatham and Dulwich, give the team at MD Bespoke Solutions a call today on 020 8265 2061.