New Build Homes Project Managed

When moving into a brand-new property, homeowners expect perfection (and rightly so). They want to know that their new home is safe, secure and built to the highest standard, and also that it is comfortable, energy-efficient, cost-effective and fully functional. This means having lighting and electricity that works properly, double-glazed windows and insulation that keep the property at a comfortable temperature, efficient plumbing and heating systems, high-quality fittings and appliances that can withstand daily wear and tear, and a nicely decorated interior. Here at MD Bespoke Solutions, we can make all this happen.

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Our new build services include:

  • Property development: We can advise on and implement all elements of a property-development project, whether it’s a kitchen refit or a full house extension – from installing regulation-compliant wiring, plumbing and heating to providing interior plastering, painting and decorating services.
  • New homes: We can help you create a cost-effective, energy-efficient and highly secure new build, or carry out a high-quality renovation on your property.
  • Smart homes: We can help you select suitable smart-home solutions for your new build to make your day-to-day life more convenient, increase the energy-efficiency of your property, reduce your CO2 emissions and, ultimately, lower your energy bills.

Meeting regulations for new builds

The benefit of homeowners moving into new builds is that they are covered by all manner of government regulations and trade-body initiatives that are designed to make owning a property more affordable, secure and environmentally friendly. Whether you’re moving into a new build, developing your existing property, or you’re a property developer working on a series of new builds, the MD Bespoke Solutions team can fully manage your project and provide the expertise to ensure the finished property is fully compliant with (and ideally exceeds) regulations and guidelines.

The first factor to be aware of is that any new construction or extension project needs to comply with the Building Regulations 2010, which detail energy-efficiency, water efficiency, fire safety, sound insulation and ventilation requirements for new properties. There are also strict regulations on electrical work: all wiring must meet Part P regulations (meaning it needs to be designed and installed to protect occupants from fires and electric shocks) and the consumer unit (or fuse box) must be compliant with the 17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations, which means incorporating residual current device (RCD) protection.

The government has committed to reducing the amount of energy wasted per household by 20 per cent by 2020. This means that energy-efficiency guidelines are also becoming increasingly strict for new builds. As well as regulations for windows (which affect any windows installed on or after 1 April 2002), homeowners are protected by energy standards for boilers, introduced in September 2015, which require all heaters to have an energy label, and gas boilers and water heaters to use energy-efficient condensation technology.

If you require building, electrical, plumbing or decorating services for your new build, contact us at MD Bespoke Solutions today for a free, no-obligation quote.