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House extensions are a major undertaking, but they’re a worthwhile investment because of how much they can improve your living space and increase your property value. At MD Bespoke Solutions, our network of highly skilled and reliable builders can deliver first-class extensions to make your home bigger, better and much more valuable. With an emphasis on efficiency and punctuality, our professional builders work to the highest standards while sticking to your schedule, to create a house extension that matches both your vision and timeline.

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House extensions built in London & Surrey

A renovation with long-term benefits

Once properly executed, adding a house extension can drastically increase the value of your property. House extensions can be used to incorporate extra rooms into your home, like an office, guest bedroom or media room, enhancing your home’s versatility and making it more attractive to prospective buyers, particularly if you’re adding a second level to the extension.

Homeowners can also use extensions to upgrade the floor plan of their property, shifting from an outdated, compartmentalised look to a contemporary open-concept floor plan that feels far more spacious and open.

Builders you can trust

MD Bespoke Solutions has an impressive track record of happy clients, and this is because our tradesmen make client satisfaction a priority. Our professional builders are qualified and experienced, and are generally certified by trusted trade bodies like the Federation of Master Builders, so you know their services are reliable and 100 per cent compliant with British building regulations and standards.

To maximise the value of your extension, an extra room can’t just be tacked on without any consideration for the aesthetics of your home’s exterior. Our builders work according to the existing shape and structure of your property, so that your extension will enhance your property’s features and give it that all-important ‘curb appeal’. All our materials are sourced for quality, durability and suitability to the current design and style of your property; from doors and windows to wall finishes, your extension will seamlessly merge with your home to achieve the outcome you’ve envisioned.

A pleasant experience

As home improvements can be stressful, we do our utmost to carry out extensions smoothly and efficiently. Our builders are polite and friendly, and will consult with you at every phase of the project to make sure you’re happy with the end result.

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Remembe, any house extension electrics should be carried out by a qualified electrician!