CCTV to protect your home and office

When a crime is committed, you’ll need a clear record of the incident to show police and make a claim on any insurance policies.

Closed circuit television, or CCTV, was once used primarily by businesses. Now, it’s just as valuable and accessible for the homeowner too.

MD Bespoke Solutions can install, repair, upgrade and service CCTV systems of practically any age. Covering businesses and domestic customers in the London area, the CCTV products we install are robust and affordable, giving you a new level of safety and security.

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CCTV installation & maintenance in Surrey and London

Business CCTV

For some businesses, CCTV is a legal requirement. For others, it just makes sense. CCTV helps to protect business assets and ensure that valuables are not damaged or stolen. It also ensures that you have clear recordings of activity, helping to prevent injury to clients or personnel.

If the worst does happen, the CCTV system provides a clear record of the incident that can be forwarded to the police within minutes.

  • CCTV systems can be linked with door entry systems so that security staff can control access to a building and monitor people who are coming and going.
  • In bars and nightclubs, the CCTV system helps to keep track of any incidents inside or outside.
  • The end result is peace of mind for you, your staff and the occupants.

CCTV for Homes

Keep your family and your possessions safe with a closed circuit TV system.

CCTV at home acts as a deterrent to vandals and intruders. When CCTV is fitted by experts, it will make the whole family feel safe and secure.

Domestic CCTV systems can be installed as part of a smart home project. MD Bespoke Solutions use traditional closed circuit equipment or modern, inexpensive IP cameras that can be monitored on site or remotely. Both can be mounted indoors and outdoors, with special infra-red cameras picking up crisp, clear HD images day and night.

Repairing CCTV

Not only do MD Bespoke Solutions work to install CCTV for our customers, we will also repair any problems.

In the unlikely event of a technical glitch in your CCTV equipment, our expert team will get it back up in running order in no time at all.

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