Update consumer units & outdated fuse boards

Consumer units, or fuseboxes as we used to call them, are the hub of your electrical system. It’s where the power is regulated, and it controls not just the power but the safe use of that power. If it’s defective, or needs replacement, you need a qualified electrician to make that change. MD Bespoke Solutions can provide just the people you need to make the change swiftly and safely.

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Consumer units and fuseboard replacements in Surrey

Why change my Consumer Unit?

Consumer Unit Replacement in BalhamThere are three main reasons why you should consider changing your consumer unit or fuse board. Firstly, you may be having other electrical work carried out in the house, and in order to comply with safety regulations the consumer unit needs to be replaced or upgraded. Secondly, the existing fusebox or consumer unit may be overloaded or defective and this is causing issues elsewhere in the house. Finally, the upgrading or replacement of a fusebox or consumer unit may be a short term solution to electrical problems in the house that would, under normal circumstances, require a house rewiring, but finances do not at present allow.

Is it a big job?

The replacement of one box on the wall or under the stairs for another seems straightforward. But it’s far more complicated. Tests need to be undertaken before installation and fault finding afterwards. Every circuit in the house will need to be checked. Only once every check and test has been made and the new consumer unit found to be successfully installed and safe will the Certification for both the Electrical Installation and for Compliance with Part “P” of the Building Regulations be issued. This can only be done by a properly certified electrician who belongs to an accredited regulatory body. MD Bespoke Solutions are members of NICEIC, the UK’s leading electrical regulators, so you can be sure that any work we undertake is done to the highest standard.

Do I need to change my Consumer Unit?

If you’re unsure, then just ask. We can send a qualified electrician to your home in Balham or Tooting and quickly evaluate whether you have a need to change your fusebox or consumer unit or not. Our written quote will outline the scope of the project that needs to be done, and you approve it before MD Bespoke Solutions start any work. Your safety is in good hands.

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In addition to our consumer unit replacement service, MD Bespoke Solutions offer a full range of other electrical services, including house rewiring, the installation of CCTV systems and fire alarms, and exterior lighting. If you’re a landlord, we can provide a tailored solution for your property’s electrical maintenance needs with our Landlord Electrical Services Surrey. We take pride in offering our clients a first class customer experience, working with them to ensure that we provide the service they need when they need it.