CCTV to protect your home and office

Once only seen in spy movies, but now a familiar sight on the high street, Closed Circuit Television, or CCTV, is an effective way of improving security both for the home and business. MD Bespoke Solutions can advise, design, install and maintain the latest CCTV systems, and our expert and experienced engineers can make your installation both quick and easy. Wireless CCTV systems significantly reduce the amount of wiring and disruption that you’ll experience. You can choose the level of cover, ranging from just a single camera monitoring your front door or main entrance to more advanced systems that cover both inside and outside your home or business premises.

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CCTV installation & maintenance in Surrey and London

CCTV for your Balham home

An expert consultation from MD Bespoke Solutions can help you work out what you need, and how much you need to spend. It’s not just about securing your home against intruders.

A CCTV system can certainly help protect your home in Balham and Tooting from thieves and vandals. But it can also help you look after young children or older, vulnerable relatives, when you can’t be there. Imagine checking on your home and family using your tablet or Smartphone from work or even away on business or holiday.

The installation of certain approved CCTV systems can reduce your insurance premiums too, so it’s worth having a word with your insurance company. Your home is your most important investment in life. Your family, possessions and even memories are all wrapped up in it. Give yourself the peace of mind that CCTV can bring.

CCTV installation specialists in BalhamCCTV for your business in Balham

The loss of business critical records, valuable stock or expensive equipment could irreparably damage your business. A CCTV system significantly reduces the risk of robbery, theft and vandalism, both inside and outside your office or business premises. The threat of violence to your employees, or false claims from customers and colleagues can also be significantly reduced.

If you need to be away from the business at any point, then the latest advances in CCTV technology allow you to continue to monitor it, as if you’re still on-site. With everyone’s greater awareness of security these days, prospective tenants are looking for that little bit extra. So if you’re a landlord in the Balham or Tooting area, installing CCTV not only safeguards your property, but makes it more appealing to tenants too. So whether your business premises is an office, a shop, a warehouse, a yard or an apartment building, it needs investment in protection. And with MD Bespoke’s free site survey, advisory service and two year warranty, this is a investment you can afford.

Maintaining your CCTV cameras

Once the CCTV system is in place, MD Bespoke can offer a range of maintenance contracts to suit your needs and budget, including regular inspections by highly qualified and experienced technicians and the quick resolution of any issues should a technical problem arise. All this in addition to the two year warranty on any new installations.

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In addition to CCTV installations, MD Bespoke Solutions offer a full range of electrical services, including house rewiring, the installation of fire alarm systems and exterior lighting, and consumer unit/fuse box replacement. If you’re a landlord, we can provide a tailored solution for your property’s electrical maintenance needs with our Landlord Electrical Services. We take pride in offering our clients a first class customer experience, working with them to ensure that we provide the service they need when they need it.

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